Beats x Beers brings ‘A Brunch of Creatives’ together for a brunch-style networking event in Flint

FLINT, Michigan — On Sunday, March 6, Beats x Beers founder Brandon Corder brings A Brunch of Creatives to life at the Capitol Theatre’s Black Room in downtown Flint. The networking event aims to bring the city's tastemakers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and young professionals together for a day of fun, mingling, and productivity. 

During the event, a buffet-style brunch will be provided by Chef Chloe while cocktails will be available by The Capitol Theatre. Music will be exclusively handled by DJ Handlez. In addition, business partners and resources such as Metro Community Development and 100K Ideas will be on hand to help attendees with ideas, funding, and more. Finally, A Brunch of Creatives will highlight and recognize several small businesses and brands to celebrate the event.

Flintside caught up with Corder for a quick chat about the upcoming brunch and what it means for the city as well as what he hopes an event like this can bring to Flint.

Flintside: What motivated you to create this particular brunch this go-round? 

Brandon Corder: “The best times I’ve had at brunch is when it was fun but also productive at the same time. I’ve met tons of people from all walks of life because everybody loves brunch. I wanted to put even more of a focus on the productive side and highlight creatives. I wanted people to come enjoy food, drinks, music, etc., and network and leave with some valuable resources. It’s always about elevating the culture for me.”

Flintside: What do you want creatives in attendance to take away from this event?

Brandon Corder: “I want them to realize the power of networking. Yes, there will be resources available through Metro Community Development, 100K Ideas, and others, but there are resources available amongst your peers that are valuable. It is my hope that everybody in attendance will leave inspired and motivated.”

Flintside: What particular changes would you like to see regarding entrepreneurs and small local businesses in the Flint community? 

Brandon Corder: “I want them to realize the resources that are available. I also want those in control of the resources to have more of a presence. As an entrepreneur or creative, it can be intimidating when you feel you don’t have the proper business knowledge about loans, grants, etc., so I created an event like this to break down that wall and open up more conversations.”

Flintside: Do you plan on having another networking brunch after this one or will we have to wait and see?

Brandon Corder: “We’ll see. Everything that I do, I always try to include some sort of networking element in it for sure. If it’s not this same thing, it will be something else that offers networking opportunities.”

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