Xzavier Simon

Xzavier V. Simon is a native of the Beecher community. Since 2017, he's traveled around the country meditating, teaching, and writing books about the Black LGBTQ+ experience. He enjoys K-pop, playing video games, cooking, and exploring the lives of Black & Latino LGBTQ+ people with his indie project The Modern Queer. You can follow his adventures on Instagram (@xzaviervsimon).

Feature Story G-S tha DreaM, Flint musician, husband, and father in the midst of discussing his life and journey through music.
In The News Xzavier Simon

A letter to the future Black & Queer generations

Feature Story King Ca$hes

Fatherhood, music, and influence: the new era of King Ca$hes

Feature Story "The message I want to get out to other people is, the way that you see life right now, that s*** don't have to be permanent. It's just a moment."
In The News Flintside writer Xzavier Simon reflects on what it means to be a journalist covering Flint.
Feature Story “I’m grateful for all of the life lessons. I appreciate the process because it made me who I am.”
Feature Story 24-year-old Flint native and Arizona born Matthew Wiley, sitting, reflecting, and playing his Nintendo DS.

Channel 42 and the Azure Blues of Matthew Wiley

In The News Flint native Jesse Davis teaches heels and Hip Hop classes in Flint and Detroit.

“I give you the tools, and you paint me the picture”

Feature Story In the face of the city’s population decline, Flint leaders and businesses are coming together to make sure everyone is informed and gets counted.
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