The Tattoo City Convention makes a return to Flint this weekend

FLINT, Michigan — The Tattoo City Convention returns to Flint for its second year, and this time, it’s back with more vendors and events than the last. The convention takes place from Friday, Aug. 26 through Sunday, Aug. 28 at the Dort Financial Center in Flint.

After an incredible response to last year's tattoo convention in Flint, the convention's host, Carl Murray, also known as Dr. Blasphemy, says that they expect a 12%–15% bump in attendance as well as an additional 20 to 25 booths of tattoo artists and vendors. 

Murray has worked in the tattoo industry for 21 years and helped with last year's tattoo convention in Flint. He has been invited back again to the convention for 2022, but this time, he will help host the event itself. 

“The Tattoo Convention opens the doors for all the people in the area to be exposed to tattoos, and to get art from artists that they normally would only see on TV or in magazines,” said Murray. “A lot of national artists and even some artists from InkMaster and Black Ink Crew will be there. People can also come in and get tattooed all weekend long.” 

The tattoo convention will not only give the community a chance to get a tattoo but also allows the community to experience a whole lot of other entertainment as well. 

“In addition to tattooing — because it's more than just a tattoo show — although it's called a convention, it's more like a festival. People can come in, interact, have fun, and leave with a great feeling,” said Murray. 
Dr. Blasphemy (left) with actor Jeff Goldblum (right).
The convention will have many different types of entertainment put on the entire weekend. There will be a burlesque show, a live human suspension show, performers from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, a beard mustache contest, a tattoo contest, a mankini contest, and a miss tattoo city contest as well. 

In addition, the tattoo convention will also have many different artists selling their art, jewelry, and apparel at the convention. 

Murray shared that tattoos are special to people for different reasons. It could be to memorialize a loved one or even to reminisce about a good time shared with friends. Tattoos are an investment in art that just doesn't hang on your wall but instead is displayed on your body. 

The show welcomes any age demographic to attend. Murray explained that even though the event is a tattoo convention, it will be a family-friendly atmosphere and have plenty of fun activities for the kids to partake in. “Music will be playing all day long, as well as stand-up comedy that I do throughout the day, over the microphone, to keep the flow moving through the crowd and create an overall good mood.” 

The tattoo convention is also a great way of putting money back into the city. 

The artists and vendors coming into town help stimulate the local economy through food, lodging, and shopping. The money that gets spent around the convention stays within the community, said Murray. “In a couple more years, there will be a big amount of money just put back into the community. It helps everybody all around in ways you would never expect.” 

“The tattoo convention is a great way for the community to get together even if they do not have a tattoo or do not want one,” said Murray. “It’s your chance to not just see tattoos in Flint but territories from across the world are going to be represented as well. So even if you don't have any tattoos, and don't plan on getting any tattoos, you can come to this event and still have fun.”

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