Local meal prep service cooks up plans for healthy living

“QuickEats makes it easy to eat healthily and enjoy your life. It’s easy and tasty.” 

FLINT, Michigan — A new meal prep service with a flair for health-conscious cuisine is serving up restaurant-quality meals in Genesee County. 

QuickEats, located at 2480 S. Center Rd., offers freshly prepared, well-portioned meals for people on the go as well as those on a journey toward healthier eating. 

Owner David “Danner” Day is a man with many hats, describing himself as the 'owner/operator/chef/dishwasher.' 

His business offers meal plans to fit every client’s needs, including breakfast options, a workweek lunch plan, and a plan for weekend meals. Every effort is made to obtain locally sourced ingredients for meal preparation.

Additionally, QuickEats offers signature meals with four portion options: 
  • BitBite — 2 oz protein, 3 oz rice, quinoa, cauliflower rice or potato, and veggies
  • FitBite — 3 oz protein, 3 oz rice, quinoa, cauliflower rice or potato, and veggies
  • FreshBite — 4oz protein, 4 oz rice, quinoa, cauliflower rice or potato, and veggies
  • FullBite — 5 oz protein, 5 oz rice, quinoa, cauliflower rice or potato, and veggies

The company’s personal chef service is, “more than just some guy cooking your food for you.” The personal chef service offers a consultation session that allows clients to work collaboratively with the chef to develop a meal plan that includes the exact foods needed to meet clients' personal needs. 

David Day, owner of QuickEats.
Day says the impetus to start QuickEats began with his weight loss journey. 

In 2009, he completed his service in the United States Army and moved to Mississippi where his father owned a restaurant that served up favorites like fried chicken and burgers during the day and steaks and cocktails at night. Day later moved to Memphis to acquire his CDL and began driving trucks. “One day on I-80 in Wyoming, I remember feeling lightheaded so I pulled over to the side of the road. Then I woke up on the other side of the road.” 
David Day
That day, Day decided to toss the unhealthy snacks from his truck cab and address his “food problem.” 

“The first change I made was [to order] two items at Taco Bell instead of three.” 

He continued to make incremental changes which included eating five servings of fruit. In three years, he lost more than 200lbs. When Day met the woman who would become his wife, they both found it difficult to consistently prepare meals at home. As he began to gain weight, Day sought a solution that would help him maintain his desired weight. 

“That’s where QuickEats was formed.” He hopes his story and business will provide inspiration and support to his clients. 

He describes QuickEats as a “good time” and says being healthy requires a lifestyle adjustment. His mission is to create a healthy lifestyle community.

“I don’t think you need to be intense to lose weight. “[We] celebrate when we hit our goals [and] make changes when we don’t.”

Day says QuickEats also serves clients with special dietary needs. Diabetic selections, keto, and vegetarian options are available. Orders may be placed online.

Meal plan options start at $25 for the FitBite workweek lunch plan. The 21 meals/7-day plan is priced at $130. QuickEats offers fresh-squeezed juices starting at $8 per bottle. The signature meal plans are priced at $5-$8 each. Meals are available for pick up or delivery. During the month of April, QuickEats is offering delivery throughout Genesee County at no charge. 

For more on QuickEats, find them on Facebook and visit: quickeatsgenesee.com

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