Carriage Town comes alive with community-wide barbecue event this weekend

FLINT, Michigan — Flint native and rap artist Jeff Skigh is ushering in the summer season with a free, community-wide affair for people of all ages to come to eat, drink, vibe, and be unified. The local music artist wanted to express his passion for collaboration and kinship with the event “Live at Carriage Town” being held on Saturday, June 17 from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. at 307 Mason Street in Flint. 

Carriage Town is mostly known for its neighborly and communal atmosphere, making it an ideal area to curate this event that will be providing entertainment, live music performances, games, bounce houses, and free food for attendees. 

Sharply conveying community as a force behind his lifestyle and artistry, Skigh shared that he desires to provide a space for people in the city to feel connected. Just come through and have a good time,” said Skigh. “My whole goal is to uplift the community. It’s not just about me. I could be hyper-focused on my career but it means nothing if I’m not giving back or supporting other people or helping in some way.”

Skigh’s ability to tap into his inner child has allowed him to illustrate originality and an introspective nature in each of his projects, including his most recent release, Spring Cleaning. Skigh has managed to remain in that same flow of creativity with events he invites the communities of Flint to come and experience.
Jeff Skigh and his son.
Artists involved in the upcoming event have created a familial essence amongst each other, which Skigh was intentional about in arranging for musical performances. The lineup of artists includes Skigh himself, DJ Chef Nate, Tay Boogie, King Cashes, Figga Da Kid, BFF, Taylor Tatum, Cameron Tyler, Ace Gabbana, Twicee, Bay Bro, and several other local artists.

“It doesn’t take much for artists to come and support other artists' shows,” said Skigh. “I’m hoping that this inspires local artists to show up for each other, not just for my events.”

With Father’s Day approaching, this event will also provide a platform to focus on and uplift fathers' vital roles in their children’s lives. Skigh references fatherhood as his primary motivation in life. I gotta keep going. I can’t give up because of my kids,” said Skigh. Live at Carriage Town will show its commitment to supporting local non-profit Involved Dads by forwarding all profits to the organization.

Involved Dads' mission is to empower and promote active engagement amongst fathers within their families, to eradicate the idea of absence, and to offer tools to fathers who aspire to make better choices and offer the best parenting practices that will influence their children to walk in continual success. 

Live at Carriage Town is sponsored by and hosted in collaboration with Light Sky Farms, Jars Cannabis, The Barbecue House, and The 810 Flow. It forms part of a series of monthly events aimed at giving back to the community for the summer.

Local vendors are still being accepted and are encouraged to contact Jeff Skigh through Instagram or Facebook
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