Here’s how you can see all 40-plus new Flint murals in a single road trip

FLINT, Michigan—Want to see all the murals in Flint? Spend an hour in our fair city and you can see more than 40 murals by the best artists in the world. 

You can see community pride, cosmic geometry, and the finest of street art thanks to the Flint Public Art Project’s mission to plant murals throughout Flint. You will see stories of growth and love in the brush strokes. You will see beauty and the sublime. You will see patterns, abstractions, and chaos. 

You will see Flint.

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To make it easier for all of us to take in these masterpieces, we created this 57-minute route that will take you to all corners of Flint and help you to see all of the murals added to the city landscape this summer. (There are a few scheduled for completion this month that we also included.)

A special thanks to that made making this route possible. We start our journey with a 2.1-mile route through downtown Flint that is easily walkable if you choose to take in some of the other sights, eats, and drinks at the city center. 

Keep in mind there are sometimes more than one mural at each stop — and this is just one way to take them all in. There surely are millions of different routes. This is just one we’ve created to make it quick, easy, and (hopefully) effortless to find all of them. 

Straight drive time is 57 minutes — but let’s be honest: Taking in all this finery is going to take considerably longer. These are often multi-story masterpieces. Slowdown and take your time to enjoy them. 

You might also want to allow extra time for actually finding the murals. We’ve done our best with the addresses, but they often are on the back or sides of buildings so you might need to look around a bit. One last caveat: We didn’t take road construction into account so there could be some detours along the way.

Downtown Route

Approximately 2.1 miles
6 minutes driving 
(Theoretically, at least, according to, if you don’t actually stop to enjoy any of the beauty. We’d recommend taking an hour to leisurely walk it.)
  • We start off at Vogt’s Flowers at 728 Garland Street. 
  • Head south on Garland Street and turn left (east) on 4th Avenue to Martin Luther King Avenue. Turn right on to MLK to see the mural at Flint City Hard Cider, 610 King Ave.
  • Cross the street to see the mural at Soggy Bottom Bar, 613 King Ave.
  • Keep heading south on MLK to University Avenue. Take a right (west) and you will soon see the mural at the future home of Carriage Town Bakery featuring Blue Line Donuts, 604 Garland St.
  • Head south on Garland to 208 W. 1st Ave. at the corner of Lyon Street where PSI has a mural. 
  • Take a right on Lyon to head north back up to University Avenue. Take a left (west) on to University to see the mural at University Square, 422 N. Grand Traverse.
  • Head south on North Grand Traverse about two blocks to Good Beans Cafe at 328 N. Grand Traverse.
  • Another block south and you’ll be at Factory 2, 129 N. Grand Traverse. 
  • Continue down North Grand Traverse to Kearsley (depending on your mode of transport, road construction could be an issue here). Turn left (east) on to Kearsley Street and then right (south) on to South Saginaw Street to check out the brand new facade at Hoffman’s Deco Deli, 444. S. Saginaw St. 
  • Continue south on Saginaw Street and head to the back of Blackstones at 531 S. Saginaw St. to see the new mural there. 
  • Continue on South Saginaw (or Brush Alley if you made it there to see the mural) and head left on 1st Street to 120 W. 1st St. for the Greater Flint Health Coalition mural. Coming August 2019.
  • Continue west on 1st Street to Beach Street. Take al eft to head south to the Downtown Development Authority Mural at 214 W. 2nd St. 
  • Head east on 2nd Street to the Buckham Gallery mural, 134 W. 2nd St. 
  • Continue east to South Saginaw Street once again and head right (south) to Cork on Saginaw’s mural, 635 S. Saginaw St.
  • Take a slight jog left (east) onto 3rd Street to see the Ennis Center for Children mural at 129 E. 3rd St.
  • Wrapping up the end of the downtown tour is the historic Halo Burger and it’s revamped mural at 800 S. Saginaw St. 

And, we’re not even half done. Hop in your car to check out the rest of the murals. They are a bit more spread out, but definitely worth the trip to see. Here we’re giving you just the address from place to place. 

For complete turn by turn directions, use this link. Again, thank you MapQuest route planner.

We pick up where the downtown route left off. From South Saginaw Street take a left (east) onto 4th Street. Go one block to Harrison Street. Turn left (north) and take Harrison back to 2nd Street. Take a right onto 2nd, continue across 475, to our first stop. This adds 0.7 miles and 2 minutes to the route.

Neighborhood Route

20.2 miles
51 minutes (Again, theoretically)
  •  East Village Magazine, 720 E 2nd St.
  •  Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, 1950 Howard Ave. (Multiple murals)
  •  South Dort, 1902 S. Dort Hwy.
  •  Lamaash Marketing, 3402 E. Court St.
  •  Cocina Mio, 3322 Davison Road. (Two murals)
  •  Eastside pocket garden park, 1426 Maplewood Ave.
  •  One Lot Fams,1831 Bennett Ave.
  •  Jane Avenue Garden Project, 1605 Jane Ave.
  •  Latinx Center, 2101 Lewis St. (Four murals)
  •  Entropy, 402 E. Gillespie
  •  MLK Plus, 3314 M L King Ave.
  •  Heritage and Harmony stage, 1333 Dayton Place
  •  Urban Renaissance Center, 913 W. Dayton St.
  •  Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary School, 1518 University Ave.
  •  Flint Crossfit, 1113 University Ave
  •  Totem Books, 620 W Court St. (Multiple murals)
  •  Southwestern Academy, 1420 W. 12th St.
  •  Fish & Chicken Affair, 3102 Fenton Road
  •  Kristal Jo's Diner, 3616 Fenton Road
  •  Found Sound Warehouse, 420 W. Oakley Street
  •  Windiate Park, 116 Coleridge St.
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