Discovering the 'Journey To NO' with Dia Noble

FLINT, Michigan — “I am here to help you make your needs a priority,” says Certified Extreme Execution Coach and founder of Heir Of Worth, Dia Noble. The Beecher native, now a resident of Grand Rapids, having dealt with depression, finding and reclaiming her identity, and decades of working with youth, took matters into her own hands by creating a women-focused 6-week transformative program called 'Journey To NO.'

Noble’s business, designed to assist women in setting healthy boundaries, digs deep into self-care and finding one’s worth through asking tough questions and getting real.

Starting as a Life Skills Coordinator in the last 00’s with the University of Michigan–Flint’s CEO Pre-College program, Noble’s commitment to identity work became cemented. It’s an area of expertise that developed through working with elementary school students, being interim Director of the Beecher Scholarship Incentive Program, as an After Schools Coordinator and unofficial assistant and advisor to her husband, Michael Noble’s business, Noble Strong Training LLC. Noble also credits going through Eric Thomas’ coaching program to bring it home.

Through a video call, Flintside finds the Heir of Worth founder, enjoying warm tea and eager to talk. We discussed her humble beginnings, losing one’s identity, and the 'Journey To NO.'
Flintside: You’ve worked with youth for over a decade now. Would you consider that to be the catalyst for Heir Of Worth?

Dia Noble: “I think I’ve always been a life coach. After graduating high school, my first job was as a Life Skills Coordinator. I was crafting all of my work for 8th through 12th graders around identity. At that time, the lens I was looking at it from was, "I need you to define yourself so that when you leave secondary education, no one can manipulate you to be who you are not." That perspective came from me losing my identity a few years before. I’m off the cusp of my own healing.”

Flintside: I find it interesting how our personal experiences can motivate us to work with youth. For example, you talk about losing your identity. What happened?

Dia Noble: “My first meaningful relationship was in college, and this was the first time I was doing my best to put forth an effort to make a relationship work. That came with me being quiet when things didn’t make sense and molding myself into someone I’m hoping will help hold this together. [But], once it came crashing down, outside of this relationship, I did not know what to do. I didn’t know who I was, and nothing felt right. It was the first time in my life I dealt with depression. I was the smallest, insecure, and self-conscious I had ever been.”

Flintside: Having interviewed your sister, Jeneé “Royalty” Price, dealing with depression is a process. How did you begin to overcome that?

Dia Noble: “I started evaluating the relationship and the pieces that I could control. What do I never want to do again? I identified those pieces. Those were my boundaries and what I need never to let go of again. Then, what can I do, healthily, that brings me some joy? There was a lot of community involvement. We’re doing plays, Art for Haiti, different things at [the University of Michigan–Flint], and my church. I dug in on those. What’s the opposite of this negative feeling, and how do I create that. Those are things I focused on.” 
"All of us have an inheritance. The moment you were born, you had worth. It is our responsibility to claim it." - Dia Noble
Flintside: I love the name Heir Of Worth. It feels very empowering to say that out loud. What inspired this name?

Dia Noble: “The original name for my coaching business was Born Worthy Coaching. Shout out to Kyona of Trademark My Stuff [because] someone had Born Worthy, and I said let’s go with Heir Of Worth. The reason was, we tend to act as if we have to earn our worth. Then, we assign it to something or someone telling us that we earned it. All of us have an inheritance. The moment you were born, you had worth. It is our responsibility to claim it.” 

Flintside: Your Journey to NO program focuses on women and empowers them to say no and establish boundaries. How important was it for you to highlight women and give them the tools to elevate and evolve? 

Dia Noble: “'Journey To NO' is built for women, and I run it as a cohort. I designed it that way because someone else on the journey with you brings about that support and positive peer pressure. [Also] there’s just certain things you don’t want to have to explain about what you went through being a woman. Women are molded into believing that we are solely here to support someone else. It costs us and the world if women are not walking fully in who they are. In the beginning, it’s a gut punch, and it’s hard. It’s [saying], I’m not making myself a priority and understanding that your needs are a priority to you. Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean that you neglect other people. It means you have boundaries in place that say this is what I need to meet my needs so I can be there to support you too.” 

Flintside: Can you give a small inside peek into what that process is?

Dia Noble: “The consultation and discovery session is, ‘hey, I need to talk to somebody.’ Everybody’s not ready to go through the program. [Journey To NO] is meant for you to make a whirlwind transformation from point A to point B in 6 weeks, so you have to be ready to put in the work. The first step is identifying and asking yourself, what expectations do I have? Where did those expectations come from? Being honest and [also] re-imaging self-care. What are your needs spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and lay that out.”
Flintside: Looking at the work you’ve done with youth and now with Heir Of Worth, what’s something dear to you that you’ve learned?

Dia Noble: “There is no greater security or comfort than knowing who you are and knowing your identity comes from one place–God. That eliminated so much confusion because you have one place to go–directly to the source. If there is nothing else about my journey, it’s understanding how much my identity matters to my existence. Not in the form of labels but how it connects to God.”

You can find Dia Noble on FaceBook and Instagram. To learn more about Heir of Worth and or sign up for the 'Journey To NO' signature program, visit the website.
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