Here's a map to all 100 of the murals transforming Flint neighborhoods

FLINT, Michigan—The Flint Public Art Projects Mural Project has turned Flint into a city-wide gallery, providing everyone with the opportunity to view world class art on bricked walls, alleyways, and school buildings. 

Here’s you can see them all. The location of each of the city’s 100 murals (a few more are on the way yet this year) can be seen and explored at this interactive map — thanks to detailed information provided by Flint Public Art Project. We recommend opening it in a larger window.

And, we’re not the only ones checking out Flint’s murals. 

The murals are piquing the interest of people all over the world, said Joe Schipani, executive director of the Flint Public Art Project. He has even seen Flint murals used in advertisements for mural festivals in Paris and South America.

While the murals get global curation — they also demonstrate on a local level the city’s endless possibilities for artistic expression, Schipani said. 

The murals are drawing in people into the city and they’ve been drawing fans who are always looking for how to find all the murals. 

“That’s part of the beauty of these,” said Davison resident Terri Cross who took a tour of the murals with her church. “(The murals are) where you don’t expect them, where you don’t look for art — and there they are.”

Her favorite is the Buckham Alley cat mural on First Street, mostly because of its discreet location near the Rutherford Parking Structure. 

Flint Public Art Project (mostly) finished out the  year with its grand finale — Free City Mural Festival on Saturday, Oct. 12, which added a whopping 22 more pieces to Flint’s outdoor museum. A few more pieces might yet be added this year, though, Schipani said.

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