Nationwide debut of Flint musician's 'Revolution' set for Friday

A Flint vocalist and a songwriting duo from Nashville have combined their talents to create a song and video that are set to be released nationwide Friday, Nov. 2. The song “Revolution” is a rock anthem with heavy guitar and drum and a strong message tying together social justice movements past and present. 

In a rock sound reminiscent at times of early U2, the song features Ashley Peacock of Flint singing as images of Civil Rights marches, President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. mix with film from protests surrounding the Flint Water Crisis, #MeToo, immigration, and Standing Rock. The song is written by The White Wolves of Nashville, who selected Peacock to perform with them for the single.

"I was honored to be invited to sing on this project ... and especially grateful to be involved in such an empowering track,” said Peacock. “We have so many in this world with a story to tell ... yet their stories remain unheard. I'm simply lending my voice to this song in hopes that others will be inspired to use theirs."

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It is the second single released by White Wolves, founded by partners Todd Burman and Chuck Feltner, both Nashville-based songwriters. Their first single, “Burning It Down,” was released in June 2018 with Terry McDermott (a finalist on “The Voice” in 2012 on Blake Shelton’s team) on vocals.

The lyrics to “Revolution” are a rallying cry — “What do ya live for? What do ya die for? What do ya stand for? What do ya fight for?” — as is the video itself. Released to Flintside ahead of the official release date, the video opens with a quote attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Every revolution was first a thought in one man’s mind.”  

The video features an animated Peacock intermixed with footage from historical and current events. White Wolf members join him briefly throughout the video. Boys portraying younger versions of the trio pledge to obey authority before ultimately calling for a revolution over bigotry, warfare and hatred. 

Peacock is a veteran of the Cincinnati, Nashville, Charleston, and southeast Michigan creative scenes.  Cutting his teeth as an artist on everything from Detroit punk clubs to Ann Arbor listening rooms in the late '90s, he spent years abroad honing his craft as a producer — which evolved into a passion for artist development. He returned to Flint in 2013 and established Soul Foundry (located above Flint Local 432) to help local and national artists develop their talents. 

Peacock has been gaining increased notoriety on a national scale, including collaborations with 3 Doors Down and he opened the show for Billy Bob Thorton and the Boxmasters at The Crawfoot Ballroom in Pontiac in July.

The track and video will be available on all digital and streaming platforms Nov. 2, 2018. For more information,
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