Flintside: Our favorite people of 2017

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In some ways, it doesn't seem like enough to say. In some ways, it seems there is nothing else to say. Flintside launched in March 2017 with a commitment to telling the stories of Flint that too often go untold. These are stories about our community told by those who live in this community. Over our first nine months we've been able to meet (and introduce to the rest of the world) some amazing people. They aren't famous or professional athletes. They are our neighbors—they are just a few of the people working, every day, to make a difference in the community they love. The community we love. 

Here are some of our favorite people from 2017. Click on the headlines to find out more about them.

We look forward to telling more of our stories in 2018.

Marjory Raymer, Flintside
Publisher and managing editor

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Rayshawn Riley
A neighbor's perspective: Rayshawn Riley on making a difference in Flint

This is about lifting his neighborhood and lifting those young people who come after him, said Riley, 21.


Denise Smith
Meet the woman looking to build a national model for early childhood education—starting in Flint

Denise Smith is the new (and first) executive director of the Flint Early Childhood Collaborative and Educare-Flint. 


Carma Lewis
Bringing good Carma to Flint

Meet Carma Lewis, a woman whose hard work, determination, and knack for problem-solving has made her a central figure in the Flint water crisis response efforts. 


Ashley Peacock
Flint recording studio exec: 'I cannot predict the future, but I suspect it will be magnificent'

Soul Foundry is the brainchild of Ashley Peacock—a Flint native, music maker and dream recorder.


Jonathan Blanchard
Using sports to teach Flintstones science: Meet the 24-year-old behind STEMletics

Playing a video game inspired Jonathan Blanchard, a Flint native and Kettering senior, to develop STEMletics.


Kala Wilburn
Meet the woman behind Vehicle City Fashion Week

Her clothing line is Fannie Lucille. Her passion is mentoring. Her movement is Fashion Against Violence. The result is Vehicle City Fashion Week.


Justin Wetenhall
Why I chose Flint: A 24-year-old's perspective

Moving to Flint is a dream come true for Justin Wetenhall. Here's why ...


Angela Stamps
Flint's driving force (on two wheels)

The Bike Lady, as she's known, operates bicycle clubs for kids. They learn riding safety, go on rides every club meeting, and every participant gets a free bike of their very own.


Charles Winfrey
A theatre like none other: 'New' McCree Theatre brings art, opportunity to Flint's northside

At the heart of the theatre is Charles Winfrey—a passionate man who chooses his words cautiously, but never shies away from telling you exactly what he thinks.  


Larry Coleman
Huckleberry Railroad through the eyes of a conductor

Larry Coleman, 57, arrives at Crossroads Village as the park is waking up for the day with lots to do before he first bellows out, "All aboard!" 


The Hoffmans
Building a business empire (and marriage) in Flint

Meet the Hoffmans. Married five years, Mark and Meghan just launched their fifth Flint business.


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