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Experiencing unfiltered truth with business owner Isis Ma’at

FLINT, Michigan — They say that in our darkest moments, we find the brightest light. Nothing could be further from the truth for Flint native, business owner, and mother of two, Sancia Tutt, known throughout spiritual and church communities as Isis Ma’at.

With a past that includes abuse, sexual assault, divorce, and crucifixion by church members, her journey to speak and empower others to share their unfiltered truth is as strong as her devotion to God and spirit. That’s due in part to her birth name which means 'holy and chosen by God' and the need for “balance, justice, and truth” that comes from Isis Ma’at.

At For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum (2142 N Genesee Rd) in Burton, she stands confidently and freely with long, black, wool-like hair that illuminates her biracial ancestry. She wears a black dress with golden accessories and butterfly earrings, making her look as majestic as the scenery around her.

For-Mar is her safe space — where God, spirit, and nature meet — and she fits right in with the beautiful surroundings. She possesses magic that shows up in her handmade custom jewelry designs, healing modalities, and now, a podcast that reverberates itself back to her through her clients.

It explains why, as serious yet serene as she appears, sitting barefoot in the grass meditating, a child-like inward smile can manifest across her face. Flintside caught up with the business owner to talk about spirit, challenges, and walking the path of Christ-consciousness.

Isis Ma’at is all smiles when talking about her growth and business endeavors at For-Mar Nature Preserve on Oct. 24, 2023. (Anthony Summers | You have this business called Unfiltered Truth, under a pseudonym called Isis Ma’at. How did you get to a name with powerful connotations like that?

Isis Ma’at: “It started [when] I was going through my divorce. I had always been a writer, but I got married, something happened, and I never wrote again for a long time. We were in that process [of divorce], it was super fresh, so I was like, maybe I could start a blog, and that’ll be a space where I can write and be free. I don’t make decisions on my own, so I prayed and put in a request. It took a few days, and Isis came first. Ma’at came next for balance, justice, and truth. This was in 2015 when I first started my blog on WordPress.”

Flintside: You mention that you prayed and sent in a request to God. When people hear that, we think of it through the context of religion. Did it start religious and evolve into something more spiritual?

Isis Ma’at: “I’ve grown up in the church. I knew I had these gifts, but the church I grew up in did not talk about any of that. I’ve had visions since I was twelve. Growing up, I had all these experiences that I could explain, but I saw examples in the Bible and that confused me. I didn’t understand why I had all these natural and spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities, but this environment is not talking about any of this. I felt unaccepted. So, it’s 1999. I was in my apartment with my Bible, and I’m like, 'God, show me you without man’s doctrine.' That was the end of [my] former life.” 

Isis Ma’at is one with nature and at peace when it comes to negative experiences and following the voice of God at For-Mar Nature Preserve on Oct. 24, 2023. (Anthony Summers | Unfiltered Truth makes handmade custom jewelry that speaks to the wearer’s spirit. Did you always want to do this kind of work?

Isis Ma’at: “I wasn’t looking to start a business [and] I wasn’t making jewelry. I ended up getting these beads and got the vision about what I was supposed to be doing. I used it for myself, and then that evolved into the jewelry business. There’s jewelry. I do readings, healing, and distant [work]. I [have] clients all over the world. I don’t advertise. They come to me because they’re drawn to God. When somebody comes, whatever comes through, that’s what you get. That’s why it’s Unfiltered Truth.” 

Flintside: Now Unfiltered Truth has expanded into a podcast. How was that journey?

Isis Ma’at: “I was going back and forth [with God] for a long time. Eventually, I couldn’t take the beat down. That was a year ago. [With] the podcast, I could have on a scarf, use Unfiltered Truth, and not tell nobody about it and see what happened. But then, [God said] start a YouTube, and I’m like, what? The funny is I was going through all of this stuff at church and thought this was not the best time to be trying to jump on YouTube, talking about my thing, but it all worked, and I’m in a thank you God moment.”

Flintside: In interviewing others who have gone down this path of being different, there are a lot of challenges. Can you talk a little about yours within the church?

Isis Ma’at: “It started with two friends I had at church that took a turn. If you notice, on my website, I edited a lot because of the attacks and accusations. I’m still the same person, but I had to do it because I knew some trolls were lurking. But, what the Bible says [is that] God uses the things that the enemy tried to tear you down to build you up. So, my family and I got so close, and I was able to share very openly about my spiritual experiences.”

Grateful to her clients, Isis Ma’at takes time to release and let go at For-Mar Nature Preserve on Oct. 24, 2023. (Anthony Summers | Going through that, how did you get yourself back in a space where you could be comfortable and confident in yourself and Unfiltered Truth?

Isis Ma’at: “Shout out to my clients. Y’all held me down. That’s the thing about all of this. It’s not me. It’s God working through me because I allowed His unfiltered form in. I do what God tells me to do, and I’ve learned that God doesn’t care about many things that people care about. He don’t care what you go on, what you look like, if it’s the middle of the night. That’s how I ended up getting over my fear of being out there.”

Flintside: At this moment, what matters most to you, your business, and your podcast?

Isis Ma’at: “What matters to me is, am I in tune? Am I in alignment? Am I doing what I’m supposed to do? The interesting thing about having a spiritually-based business is that it’s not driven by you. When you have the capacity for it, that’s when you get the work. When you don’t, then you don’t because you have to take care of yourself. I had to heal and take care of myself. But once I made that first move towards this podcast, everything else [flourished].” 

Flintside: What do you want to leave your clients and those who read this with?

Isis Ma’at: “Always listen to God. If you remember nothing else, remember it’s so important to hear God for yourself. It is within you – it’s within all of you. We have the ability to cultivate that. I’m here to help people hear God, and I do it in many ways. Whatever I’m guided to do, that’s what I do. And right now, it’s keeping everything poppin’ and focusing on this podcast so I can reach more people in a powerful way.”

You can find Isis Ma’at on Facebook. To request Unfiltered Truth jewelry and other services, check out her website, Facebook, or send an email.
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