Flint entrepreneurs discuss caring for others in 100K Ideas' latest client storytelling episode

FLINT, Michigan — 100K Ideas, a nonprofit organization based in downtown Flint, has provided more than a dozen new business owners an opportunity to share their journies through its client storytelling video series. Exclusively streamed on 100K's YouTube channel, each episode features three entrepreneurs who have worked with 100K Ideas to establish their Flint-area business.

The fifth episode in the series features three women who turned their passions into purpose — Jalondria D. of J. Nicole Custom, Tammara Owens of Mamie’s Protein Smoothies Queens, and Kris Kotula of Training with Kris K.

Jalondria D. - J. Nicole Custom

Jalondria D. is a licensed cosmetologist, a makeup artist, and a mentor with a heart for caring for others. Her business specializes in natural hair care and hair education. The Flint native uses social media platforms to support other budding entrepreneurs and mentor those who share her passion. She sees self-care as a primary tool for building confidence. “When you look good, you feel good.” 

With the support of 100K Ideas, Jalondria developed a new business — Revive Roots. Coinciding with her work at J. Nicole, Revive Roots specializes in natural hair support and includes programs and workshops that assist with nurturing natural hair.

One of her goals is to debunk natural hair myths and help clients develop an appropriate hair regimen for their hair type. 

Jalondria says 100K Ideas was there for her during the gradual process of starting her business. “They offered a lot of resources. That’s what I loved about it.”

Tammara Owens - Mamie’s Protein Smoothies Queens

Tammara Owens is the CEO of Mamie’s Protein Smoothies Queens LLC which specializes in healthy, vitamin-rich smoothies.Flint native Tammara Owens is a graduate of Northwestern High School, a former athlete, and a lifelong community member. She worked at General Motors but decided to pursue entrepreneurship after being injured on the job. Owens went to the Flint & Genesee Chamber with an early draft of her business plan looking for support with starting her company.

Also dealing with several health issues, including high blood pressure, she decided to work on her own “cure” by developing healthy, vitamin-rich smoothies. In 2019, Owens launched Mamie’s Protein Smoothies Queens LLC as a food truck. She describes her smoothies as, “a lot of nutrients in one bottle.” She says her products can help with weight loss and building immunity.

“It’s a product that can help every individual make their life a little healthier and make them live longer.” 

Owens said 100K Ideas facilitated logo creation and marketing support for her business. She believes the staff at 100K care for their clients and helps them to build confidence to move forward with their dreams. 

Kris Kotula - Training with Kris K.

Kris Kotula is the owner of Training with Kris K., a physical and nutrition-based training space for health enthusiasts of any age. 
Kris Kotula grew up visiting the local gym with her mother who would frequent aerobics workouts while Kotula ventured off to strength-train. Even at 15 years old, she enjoyed working out. After graduating with a degree in Occupational Therapy, she worked in the profession for several years before deciding to start her own business — a physical and nutrition-based training space for health enthusiasts of any age. 

Training with Kris K.’s clients ranges from youth athletes to the elderly. She says many of her clients can correct persistent ailments through strength training. Some elderly clients have been able to maintain independence with Kotula’s support.

“Me coming in there and actually working on their ADL (which is strength) and their everyday living stuff, they can live now independent in their home.” 

Kotula reached out to 100K Ideas for support with developing her business sense. She encourages others to “take that first step” to start their journey to entrepreneurship by reaching out to 100K. “I totally have learned so much through this journey.” 
Check out the full storytelling segment below.

This story is part of a storytelling series supported by 100K Ideas. To learn more, visit: 100kideas.org

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