Flint basketball court receives major mural upgrade

FLINT, Michigan — One South Flint basketball court recently received an upgrade thanks to a partnership between Flint native Jamiersen Green, Genesee County Parks, and the Detroit Pistons. The first of a three-part park renovation initiative was the brainchild of Green who has worked with notable NBA players including LeBron James.

Green says the mural project went through four to five revisions before the planning committee settled on the final piece. More than twenty community members volunteered to support the completion of the project which began on June 5 and took nearly two weeks and more than 140 hours to complete. 

The group held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and basketball tournament on Juneteenth where the mural, designed by Green, was unveiled. Collaborators on the project include Lavantae Johnson, Anthony Lee, and David Roundtree II with input from community stakeholders such as Shareka Howard of Howards Helping Hands.

The sprawling mural features vibrant yellow and green hues and the throwback 90’s teal color of the retro Pistons jerseys. Its prevailing theme of unity is inimitable and powerful. 
Basketball court mural at Windiate Park in Flint.
“Community and equality are the inspiration for this design, as well as the shared goal of ensuring all voices are heard across our city,” said Green. 

“I’m grateful for the collective efforts of FlintNOW, the Detroit Pistons, Genesee County, and Shareka Howard throughout this project.”

Like so many others, Green grew up playing basketball in neighborhoods across the city of Flint. He was a member of the Carman-Ainsworth High School basketball team and grew up admiring the MSU Flintstones — Antonio Smith, Mateen Cleaves, Morris Peterson, and Charlie Bell. He says, “basketball was one of the biggest unifying factors in Flint. The Flintstones were my childhood heroes.” 

After graduating high school in 2008, Green went on to play basketball at the college level before returning to Flint to complete a bachelor's degree in Communications at the University of Michigan-Flint.

In 2015, Green graduated college, packed his things, and headed for the big city to pursue his creative dreams. He pursued marketing, art, and design in New York City and worked for several prominent organizations including Nike and Stock X. “I’ve always been rooted in creative culture.” 
Basketball court mural at Windiate Park in Flint.
Green, who is also the founder of multi-dimensional creative agency Leader Quality, says the mural project came about because he was determined to give back to Flint and promote unity within his community.

He previously worked with the Detroit Pistons organization and decided to leverage the existing relationship and approach the Pistons’ FlintNOW Foundation to explore his idea for a parks project. The result was a plan to renovate three Flint basketball courts and a donation of $100,000 from the foundation.  

Locations for the other two mural projects have not yet been finalized. The three-part project is expected to be complete by the end of summer next year.

One goal is to encourage youth and other community members to actively engage in their local parks and increase physical activity. Green also wants to encourage young people to engage in the arts. “You can still be a TikTok star from being an artist.” 

Windiate Park is located at the intersection of Pengelly Rd. and Milton Dr. in south Flint. 
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