Flint playwright and author holds second annual Talent and Skill Development Camp/Workshop

FLINT, Michigan -- Kelcy Williams, founder of N Spire U Productions, is kickstarting this summer hoping to bring young people out of quarantine and into camp—but not just any camp.
“The youth have been resilient over this past year with the pandemic,” Williams said. “We want to reward them, but we also don’t want to forget about them. We want to give them what they need to find and discover that gift that’s within them to help keep them off the streets and to potentially give them a better path. It’s extremely important to me, to reach out to the youth and give them a platform.”
On Saturday, June 19, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Mark Ingram Foundation in conjunction with N Spire U Productions will sponsor the Annual Talent and Skill Development Camp/Workshop. The camp is for ages 10 through 18 (high school seniors), in Genesee County, including children of incarcerated parent(s). 
Williams, along with two co-organizers and six instructors, will be giving kids a platform to discover their talents by providing a variety of classes ranging from the importance of healthcare to managing finances.
Harlan David Fisher II, instructor of “Importance of Managing Your Finances & Marketing Yourself,” says “needs vs. wants,” understanding how to budget, and skills around how to make money are three key takeaways he wants his students to leave with.

“When you think about being in middle school, elementary school, high school, finance isn’t a class that you can select as an elective or even as a core class,” Fisher II said. “So, where are you going to learn it from?” 
The overall purpose includes providing youth with guidance needed to assist them in discovering, nurturing, and developing their gifts, talents, and skills. Their mission is to “keep youth out of the streets” by giving them a platform to discover what they are gifted in, and to help nurture and develop their talent & skills.
Other available classes for the youth include: “How to Write a Book,” “Stage Play, and Read a Script,” “The Basics of Becoming a Performer/Actor,” “The Art of Canvas Painting, Introduction to Filmmaking/Creating a Movie.” These classes will be taught by professionals in Flint, Genesee County, and Metro Detroit.
“We pretty much handpicked everyone who works in a certain field,” Williams said. “I’m a playwright, so I’m going to be teaching a class on writing a play.”
“The Importance of Youth Exercising,” by Patty Williams, owner of New Beginnings Fitness Center, will be the opening routine for every participant to encourage healthy living.
This session will also include empowering words to the youth by special guest speaker, Shon Hart, CEO and Founder of InvolvedDad. Hart will speak on the theme: “Fighting Through Obstacles … Making us Stronger.”
“I’m really looking forward to the youth truly jumping into my class asking questions they always wanted to ask family or maybe get a different perspective from someone who maybe looks like them whether it’s me being an AfricanAmerican or me being close to their age group,” Fisher II said.
There will be an opportunity for attendees to win giveaways, including technology gadgets and gift cards. Light breakfast, lunch, dance contests, t-shirts, and a wealth of knowledge will all be provided at no cost. However, limited space is available. 
To register, email [email protected], and request the registration link.. You may also visit www.nspireuproductions.com for more information. 
The camp will be held at the Flint Cultural Center Academy, 1200 Robert T. Longway Boulevard, in Flint. Registration begins at 9:15 a.m. on June 19.
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