Somas Ramen House to serve hot ramen bowls at July pop-up event

FLINT, Michigan—Supporting black-owned businesses, especially here in Flint, is more important than ever as they recover from critical losses due to the pandemic. Little by little, these business are reopening and one local man, Jeffrance Ford, is aiming to reach even more people with his food than before.


As the owner and creative force behind Somas Ramen House, an online restaurant serving up strikingly beautiful and delicious ramen, Ford pushes himself to perfection to retain the utmost integrity for both the culture behind his food and himself. Ford aims to expand with a food truck before eventually opening a storefront here in Flint, with a GoFundMe set up to help him get closer to his goal.


“Owning and operating in a fashion that depicts professionalism and great customer service means everything to me,” says Ford, “Presentation of not only my dish, by myself as a young black man is very important to me and I take it extremely serious(ly). I’m never wanting to be misunderstood or presented in a way that demeans my character.”


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Somas was brought to fruition by Ford in May of 2019 and features a unique approach to take out by offering an at-home ramen Snap shot of Somas Ramen House's Salmon Shoyu Bowl.bowl kit, replete with noodles made entirely from scratch and locally sourced organic ingredients. You can find three different versions of Somas’ ramen kits on their Facebook page, Shoyu Ramen, Vegan Shoyu, and Tori Paitan Ramen with two protein options, seared chicken and salmon. Ford says there will soon be dropping a line of Sous vide protein options very soon as well as homemade dumplings.


Ford credits a drive for success as well as a supportive community to Somas needing to expand to a more permanent location.


“The Flint community has done nothing but show me love. I put the work in and they brought the support. Being a model for my peers under and before me, that's pretty cool to influence movements no one else is doing.”


A pop-up event, in partnership with Art House Farm - Hoop House, is planned for Sunday, July 5. It will include all of Somas’ dishes to date, served in hot bowls for the community as well as the standard take-home options. Art House Farm - Hoop House will also be offering garden tours and fresh produce to buy and take home. The event will also feature live music from Flint artist Jeff Skigh, field activities, frisbee, and more.


Attendees are asked to bring their own chairs and blankets as well as wear a mask and practice proper social distancing during the event. For information visit the event on Facebook and to


More information on the Somas pop-up event can be found on Facebook


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