Flint native Tanisha Thompson aims to empower women with 'Sisters Supporting Sisters'

FLINT, Michigan — For seven years and counting, Flint resident Tanisha Thompson, President and CEO of the 501c3 organization Sisters Supporting Sisters Worldwide, has been a vital community leader in the city of Flint and neighboring communities. The mother of two is also the owner of the clothing store Passion Boutique and has amassed a following of over 23,000 active Facebook members in the Sisters Supporting Sisters online group.

Thompson describes Sisters Supporting Sisters Worldwide as a platform that “promotes sisterhood by providing resources that encourage financial, personal, and business success.” It also aims to foster "anti-abuse support of women and children and furthers inclusive engagement through networking events."

One such networking event was Thompson's Women’s Empowerment Brunch which was held on Jan. 9, 2022, in Flushing, MI at Goggins Hall that featured a panel of professional Black businesswomen as guest speakers. The panel included Jiquanda Johnson (founder and publisher of Flintbeat.com), Charlotte Keels (CEO/founder of Women Covering Women), Henrietta Hadley (Executive Director of Infinite Solutions Consulting Group, LLC), and Kiaira May (Executive Director of Flint Downtown Development Authority). 

Each businesswoman provided insight on their professions and answered questions about business, finance, and entrepreneurship during the Q&A portion of the event. Flintside was able to catch up with Thompson to learn more about Sisters Supporting Sisters, keeping the faith, and the importance of educating oneself. 

A panel of professional Black businesswomen was featured at the 'Women's Empowerment Brunch' in January, courtesy of Thompson's Sisters Supporting Sisters Worldwide organization.
Flintside: What called you to create Sisters Supporting Sisters in 2015? 

Tanisha Thompson: "I wanted to create unity amongst women. We would go bowling, out to eat, and have bonfires, and women were always talking about how they don’t like to be around other females, and that isn’t normal so I wanted to change that."

Flintside: You and your team have organized amazing events such as food drives, giveaways, and have assisted families with access to clothing and other essential resources. What have you learned personally as well as professionally when interacting with residents on such an intimate level?

Tanisha Thompson: "I learned to never judge a book by its cover and that everyone is human. People often end up in these situations simply because of a lack of knowledge. I also learned that people will thrive if you help put them in situations to win. You can’t be afraid to get your feet wet, you have to build a relationship with people and build trust."

Flintside: How instrumental is your personal faith when you’re faced with new challenges while running a business and multi-faceted philanthropic organization?

Tanisha Thompson: "My personal faith plays a vital role because I make so many sacrifices on a personal level to help others. I have to pray daily and ask God to lead me and to direct my path. I often get so caught up in helping people that I put my family and business needs second. It's a challenge stepping into the nonprofit world coming from the world I'm used to, but with God, everything has been possible."

Flintside: Why are organizations such as Sisters Supporting Sisters so vital in smaller communities like Flint?

Tanisha Thompson: Organizations like Sisters Supporting Sisters are so vital because we actually are from our community and we know what it's like to be where the people that we are helping are at. We deal with the members of the Flint community on an everyday basis so we can directly see their wants and needs. 

Flintside: With a focus on building sisterhood and positive interactions among one another, what are some actions that young girls and women can implement into their lives to adopt the Sisters Supporting Sisters mindset?

Tanisha Thompson: Knowledge is key, I encourage all women and girls to educate themselves whenever they can. Always strive to do better and don't be afraid to dream. Thank you for the opportunity and I'm so proud of you for stepping out on faith and making moves!

For more information about Tanisha Thompson's 'Sisters Supporting Sisters Worldwide' organization, visit the website and find the online group on Facebook.

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