Flint native balancing managing his clothing brand and record label

FLINT, Michigan -- Corey Bands has always had passions for fashion, music, and networking. Turning those passions into business ventures was a natural choice.

Corey Bands, 37, the owner of clothing business and music record label, “Money by the Minute.”Bands, 37, is the owner of a clothing business and a record label, both called “Money by the Minute.” The name was inspired by his love for working independently and for himself. Along with his clothing line and record company, he has also worked selling real estate and in automotive sales.

“I always worked for myself,” said Bands, who grew up on the northside, graduated from Flint Southwestern, and studied business at Mott Community College. “Some people make money by the hour, but I sit here and make money by the minute.”

Bands’ ability to network  around the city jump-started his clothing business and is keeping it successful.

“I always considered myself a pretty fresh guy and into fashion,” he said. “I had a nice logo, and everybody loved my logo and I put it on some shirts one day and I've been selling them ever since.” 

Bands considers his clothing line unique because he caters to his customers with exclusive merchandise, with designs and color schemes customized based on what people ask for.

“I only make each item one of a kind,” said Bands. “You won’t see other people wearing what you ordered.” 

Bands also promotes his exclusivity -- the only way to order MBTM clothing is through him. 

Bands was a rapper when he was growing up in Flint, and he used his natural networking abilities to get the word out about his music. He would go on foot to different individuals and businesses in Flint to promote his work. Now, with his record label, he’s trying to help his younger cousins start their own careers in music.

“They can rap, and I believe in them,” he said. “I’d rather keep them out the streets and in the studio, than read about them in the newspaper.” 

Bands knows firsthand what those dangers are. In 2017, he was shot seven times. He is using his own past experiences to motivate his cousins to stay committed to their dreams and away from pitfalls that could derail them.

In addition to his businesses, he’s also a parent to five children. He has some help with his business in order to juggle all of his responsibilities.

“I have a producer and my own studio,” he said. “So, I send my artists with my producer and let him handle that (running the studio) while I’m out selling the clothes.” 

“We are just going to continue to do what we are doing,” he said. “As long as everything is successful, I see nothing wrong with it.” 

To purchase MTMB, you can contact Bands on Facebook at Corey Bands and @mbtm_ceo on Instagram.

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