Local eye specialist gives insight on the importance of eye health

FLINT, Michigan — This month, Hamilton Community Health Network (CHN) is making an extra effort to raise awareness about eye disease and the importance of eye care. Since eye disease affects millions of people across the world each year, the health clinic is encouraging Flint and Genesee County residents to get regular check-ups and learn more about how they can prioritize their eye health. 

According to Hamilton, 3.2 million Americans experienced visual impairment in 2015—meaning they had 20/40 or worse vision with the best possible correction. Another 8.2 million had vision problems due to uncorrected vision problems. For those who may face financial barriers, Hamilton is offering free comprehensive eye screenings to ensure everyone has access to local affordable and well-rounded eye services.

“Due to the time of year, it is very important for us to promote eye health,” said Dr. Leroy Johnson, a board-certified ophthalmologist at Hamilton. “UV Rays are bad for our eyes, but by taking proper precautions and staying up to date on your eye examinations, eye disease can be preventable.”

Johnson specifically recommends seniors, people with diabetes, heart disease, and/or a family history of eye disease to schedule routine eye exams because they are at greater risk for eye disease and infection. By raising awareness and promoting proactive eye care, Johnson is striving to empower people to take charge of their eye health.

Free comprehensive eye screenings and eye care services are available at Hamilton Community Health Network. In addition to providing free eye screenings and care, Hamilton is also working hard to educate the Flint community about the risk factors associated with eye diseases. “Getting in to see an ophthalmologist is the first step to getting your health back on track,” said Johnson. “If you have symptoms of chronic headaches, double vision, cloudy vision, change of eye color, it can point to an underlying disease or illness that needs to be treated as soon as possible.”
Johnson also shared that going to an annual examination can help with the diagnosis of other health-related illnesses. “The eyes can show the health of your body,” he said. “Changes in color, ability to see, and more can hint at an underlying health condition such as diabetes or high cholesterol that your ophthalmologist would be able to help advise you on. Eye health is extremely important to prevent blindness, cataracts, and more.” 

To schedule a free comprehensive eye screening or to learn about other services Hamilton Community Health Network provides, visit: hamiltonchn.org
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