"I couldn't think of a more deserving place that's given so much to me"

FLINT, Michigan -- Flint native and attorney Kyona McGhee recently opened her law firm, Trademark My Stuff, in downtown Flint, making her legal services easily accessible to local business owners looking to protect their brands.
McGhee's unique office space, adorned with sleek modern art and trendy motivational quotes, is gaining more traction now that business owners can make an appointment to receive personalized legal service from McGhee and her staff.
Clients all over the country can also access trademarking services through Trademark My Stuff's website where over 1,000 federal trademarks have already been filed.
Shortly after the office's opening, McGhee answered several questions from Flintside about why she specifically chose to open up shop in downtown Flint, some common myths about trademarking, and the most rewarding part of her career.

Flintside: What made you want to establish a physical law firm in downtown Flint?
Kyona McGhee: "Flint is my hometown. The city of Flint gave me the confidence to believe I could be anything I wanted to be! When it was time to make a sizable investment, I couldn't think of a better, more deserving place than the place that has given so much to me, and to those I love most. We chose this downtown location, not only because of its proximity to the courts, but also because this building is also Black-owned. I wanted to be intentional about investing with another Black-owned business."

Flintside: What are some common myths that you hear about trademarking on the regular? And what are the actual facts to those myths?

Kyona McGhee: "The biggest myth about trademarking is that if you have an LLC, you do not need a trademark. The actual truth of the matter is that an LLC and a federal trademark serve two completely different purposes, and both are most certainly necessary to ensure the utmost protection of your business and one's brand. In the most simplest terms, an LLC puts you IN business, and a federal trademark gives you OWNERSHIP of your brand name/logo."

Flintside: What would you say is the difference between someone trying to trademark their brand on their own versus coming to you for the service?

Kyona McGhee: "The biggest difference would be expertise and extensive legal training on how to maneuver around the most common objections in the federal trademarking process."

Flintside: What are some of your favorite trademarks, and why?

Kyona McGhee: "Oh, I couldn't pick [just] one! I love using the McDonald's brand as an example of how many different aspects of a company can be trademarked, from its name, all the way down to specific product names, including "The Happy Meal®" which is a trademark of its own."

Flintside: What is the most rewarding part of your career?

Kyona McGhee: "The most rewarding part of my career thus far is three fold: Being able to do what I love, with those I love, FOR those I love!"

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