A cut above: Grant provides free hair cuts to seniors at Hurley Medical Center

A $8,500 grant from the Martha Merkley Charitable Trust administered by Huntington Bank will give more than 200 patients at Hurley Medical Center a chance to receive new haircuts and have their hair styled. 

Available for patients age 65 and older, the cosmetology services are, of course, more than a simple haircut. It’s a chance to relax and have a sense of normalcy in an otherwise not-so-normal situation, said Cathy Metz, Geriatric Service Line Administrator at Hurley Medical Center. 

It can boost self esteem, raise their spirits and encourage them to maintain healthy routines in their lives while also keeping them mentally active which aids in the prevention of confusion while also preserving mental functions, Metz said. 

The cosmetologist is there to not only make you look good but feel good, provide comfort and ease anxiety about how long they’ve been at the hospital and why they are there in the first time place, she said.

“This grant will make a big difference in improving the morale of our elderly patients. It will increase patient satisfaction and provide a sense of connection during what can be a stressful time away from home,” said Metz.

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