Flint Underground spearheads fundraiser to bring a new creative art workspace to Flint

FLINT, Michigan — Flint Underground has launched a fundraiser to help raise $15,000 by the end of October to build a contemporary underground art gallery and creative workspace for Flint’s creative community.

Designed to provide a safe space for artistic diversity, Flint Underground has created a GoFundMe fundraising campaign to help give the organization an official brick-and-mortar location.

“Our goal is to provide a place where local artists mix with emerging and established artists in Flint's West Side Arts District,” said Pauly Everett, local artist and founder of Flint Underground.

Everett is a familiar face in the Flint arts community. He’s often spotted admiring local art and working with other artists as a curator for ArtWalk at Churchill’s. His work has also contributed to the ambiance of many businesses throughout the Flint community, including the posters he has designed for Churchill’s Food & Spirits and The Loft. 

For Pauly, founding Flint Underground has given him the opportunity to connect and, “create a space to work, create, curate, display, and to grow in.”

Flint Underground is an organization that was founded in 2009 but began in 2007 as a small group of local artists. The organization was created by Everett to foster an inclusive and thriving community of Flint-based artists, poets, writers, musicians, and performers that support each other and help empower creativity in the community.

Collectively, Flint Underground has been a growing group of artists who have challenged the status quo and pushed for more artistic diversity and freedom.

Everett working on a mural in downtown Flint. “The guiding inspiration for the Flint Underground Gallery initiative is pure creativity, having more space and freedom to do bigger projects, and collaborate with more upcoming and emerging artists. Also, to invest in a more diverse, eclectic, and educational future for Flint’s creative community,” said Everett.

Throughout the past decade, Flint Underground artists have been featured in many creative showcases, mixers, and exhibits throughout the city and downtown. Through continued presence and education, the organization hopes to contribute to cultivating a strong arts community in Flint. 

By providing a place where local artists mix with emerging and established artists in Flint's West Side Arts District, Flint Underground would have the opportunity to expand and ultimately maximize its impact on the arts community. 

“Local creatives produce the arts community which in turn builds the future of the community as a whole. Without a strong relationship between the two, there’s not much of an artistic future for the next generation,” said Everett.

Pauly understands that in order to cultivate a strong artistic community for the future of Flint, community support is key.

While meeting the $15,000 GoFundMe goal is the largest priority for the organization, Everett is also asking community members to support by sharing the fundraiser with family members, friends, and local businesses who may be interested in contributing.

Everett also asks that the fundraiser link be shared on social media platforms. To donate to the cause, click here

Besides supporting financially, community members can support Flint Underground by purchasing “support” tees on the organization’s Facebook page and attending upcoming events.

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