Free online workshop to help Flint entrepreneurs prepare for clientele hits from social distancing

FLINT, Michigan—I’m Building Something Consulting, LLC is hosting a free workshop for local, Flint entrepreneurs to help them keep their businesses afloat in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.


With businesses closing their doors and the state encouraging social distancing due to COVID-19, it can be hard for them to maintain their clientele. Local businesses and entrepreneurs can be hit hardest by these mandates. They and those that work for them might not have an employer to fall back on to make up for missed wages.


The event will be hosted online on Wednesday, March 18, starting at 7 p.m. According to the Facebook page, I’m Building Something Consulting wants “to help entrepreneurs put together an Impact Strategy to survive.”


I’m Building Something Consulting is a local small business consulting company. They specialize in strategic planning, brand management, and community engagement.


“Our goal is to make sure that everyone... can effectively plan for this. A week not generating the revenue that you need to generate can make or break small business owners and entrepreneurs. We just want to do our part in making sure that we're preparing people and… getting entrepreneurs to think about how to be proactive,” said Ebonie Gipson, owner and CEO of I’m Building Something Consulting.


Something important Gipson will highlight during the virtual workshop is how to keep customer trust. Gipson says it is important for business owners to show their “sanitation processes, the measures that [they’re] taking to make sure that when people shop [their] business, that they're in a safe and sanitary space.”


The strategies the Gipson has planned for the workshop also apply beyond the crisis. Business owners can take the skills taught at the workshop, like inventory controls, marketing strategies and social media engagement.


“Beyond today, a lot of the things that people will be learning through this workshop [are] applicable beyond the coronavirus, but we want to make sure that people know how to market and communicate effectively during this time,” said Gipson.


People who cannot tune in live on Facebook will still have access to the workshop. A link to the recording of the workshop will be available through the virtual workshop.

For more information, visit the Eventbrite invitation or visit the I’m Building Something Consulting Facebook page or call (810) 288-6995.
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