Flintside office opens in Civic Park

FLINT, Michigan — Have a story idea? Want to meet the Flintside staff? Want to learn how to become a journalist? 

Flintside has opened an office inside Joy Tabernacle Church, 2505 N. Chevrolet Ave. in Flint, and we are hosting weekly open office hours 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Tuesdays. You can often find Flintside staff working there at other times, but these hours will be specifically set aside to sit, visit, listen, and learn.

We will also host office hours at other locations throughout the Civic Park neighborhood, usually on Thursdays. Look for weekly announcements on our Facebook page detailing when and where we will be. 

Flintside has partnered with the Civic Park neighborhood to launch an On the Ground program here. Featuring regular news updates, the project is designed to launch an ongoing effort to bring more attention to Flint’s neighborhoods and provide a platform for resident voices. 

Civic Park is the first neighborhood selected for a six-month intensive journalism project called On the Ground. A part of Flintside, this program is designed to serve as a launching pad for bringing more attention to Flint’s neighborhoods.

On hand will be Flintside managing editor Marjory Raymer, On the Ground project editor Alexandria Brown, and/or On the Ground engagement manager Anna Mansfield. 

Information on Flintside’s journalism fellowship also will be available during office hours. Set to begin in mid- to late-July, local residents are invited to participate in paid training to research, report, and produce a story idea of their own to be published in Flintside. 

The fellowship includes four training sessions, each paying $100, with direct mentorship from Raymer. All participants are equipped with a free laptop. Fellows also are paid for the work they produce and have the option of becoming regular Flintside contributors. 

Story ideas, questions, and suggestions can also be sent to us on Facebook or by emailing [email protected].

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