Flint United draft first player, unveil jerseys

FLINT, Michigan -- The Flint United basketball team, the city’s newest professional sports franchise, have unveiled what their jerseys will look like when they open the season in the spring -- and drafted a player who will wear one over the weekend.


Flint United had the third pick in the 2021 The Basketball League (TBL) Draft on February 27, and selected Karl Harris, a 6-foot-5 Chicago native who played at Northern Arizona and Northern Kentucky University. He played in 32 games his last year at Northern Arizona and averaged 8 points per game. Last year at Northern Kentucky, he would’ve played in the NCAA Tournament after NKU clinched the Horizon League title. The tournament was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Harris impressed the Flint United staff with his toughness and athleticism. In a profile by the Associated Press last year, Harris’ journey to pro basketball was fully detailed. Harris was his family’s first male college graduate. He has also endured severe hardships, including losing his father and brother at young ages.


“Being from Chicago, which is Big Ten country, [Karl] will definitely have a big impact on what I want to do and how I want my team to play and represent The Flint United,” Flint United coach Charlie Bell said in a statement.


The United also unveiled their home and away jerseys. Both pay homage to different aspects of Flint’s character. The home jerseys (white) have the team’s logo and also the outline of bricks, to represent the famous Saginaw Street bricks. The away jerseys (black) feature the “Flint Vehicle City” arch located downtown. Here is what the team’s colors represent:

  • Black: Strength, power, and authority on the court

  • White: Representative of a new beginning

  • Goldenrod: A measure of the best, quality, and excellence

  • Red: Determination, passion, and love for mankind

  • Green: Growth and prosperity


“We wanted our uniforms to be a clear and true representation of the City of Flint,” said team owner Kevin Mays II in a statement. “This is Flint. This is Flint United.”

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