“810 Day” bringing a celebration of pride in Flint to downtown

FLINT, Michigan -- August 10 isn’t an ordinary summer day in Flint -- it has become an unofficial holiday and celebration of the city and its people, and clothing brand Eight One Zero is a driving force behind it.

This year’s 810 Day brings music, food, and community pride, with Eight One Zero hosting an event at SŌL Collaborative, a new clothing store located downtown in Buckham Alley, from 6-9 p.m. 

Those in attendance will be able to partake in food and drinks while DJ Hype spins a live set. Eight One Zero clothing will also be available for purchase. James Thigpen Jr., founder of Eight One Zero, chose to recognize August 10 as “810 Day” as a thank you to the city that has supported the brand since day one. 

“The reason that I chose to do the event this year is because Eight One Zero has been open for over six years but we haven't been able to work in an important element which is events,” said Thigpen. “Being that we have such a strong online presence, it's really irresponsible of us to not have a physical presence with the community for them to come in and experience what Eight One Zero is.”

Upon planning the 810 Day event, Thigpen made it a point to hold the event at SŌL Collaborative, a store that is not yet open to the public, to shine a light on a new storefront that will add to the city’s unique culture. 

“This event happens to be a great opportunity to show the world that this is what Flint is,” said Thigpen. “This is how we eat our tacos. This is the legendary DJ Hype. This [store] is a space that's just now opening but I know for a fact that it’s going to do something for the culture of Flint.”

In addition to Eight One Zero’s event, there are more festivities lined up for 810 Day to help celebrate the heralded area code, including Comma Bookstore & Social Hub’s event that will feature a live music performance and food prepared by MaMang’s own Tony Vu. Aaron Christopher Events and DJ Chef Nate are also hosting The Catalina Wine Mixer from 6-10 p.m. at Brush Alley Event Space. 

Despite 810 Day not being recognized as an official holiday in the city, Thigpen and the team at Eight One Zero hope to bring the city together to engage and acknowledge the beauty of being from Flint. 

“This is the first out of possibly six events I want to have this year where you get a feel of the real Flint if you were to come here,” he said. “It just makes sense for us to come together and create our own holiday, our own culture, and let people know that we are number one.”

For more information about Eight One Zero’s “810 Day” event, follow them on Instagram.
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