New Year, New Location: How Bedrock Apparel is moving forward

FLINT, Michigan — With just one month into the new year, Bedrock Apparel is reaching new heights and seizing new opportunities right in the heart of downtown Flint. 

“We always wanted something bigger,” said Jason Trice, co-owner of Bedrock Apparel. “Downtown is the best location no matter what. You’re going to get the most people. It’s the most central location in the city. Moving next door, it was perfect.”

On the day before Thanksgiving, Bedrock Apparel transitioned into a new setting for the company and had its grand opening just one door over. 

Moving into a bigger location was a major move for Bedrock during a time of hardship for many small business owners. The pandemic forced many small Michigan businesses to apply for the Michigan Small Business Relief Program which provides relief for small businesses that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.  

According to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, more than 2,800 Michigan small businesses have been awarded a total of $20 million in grants and loans through the Michigan Small Business Relief Program. 

"More spacious, more comfortable, more flavors. You couldn’t ask for anything better." - Makai Conner The pandemic, however, wasn’t a challenge for Bedrock Apparel but rather leverage which brought forth more ideas for the company and its customers. In times of adversity, Bedrock adapted and continued to reach the residents of Flint and beyond.

“For us, it [pandemic] did not bother us. The pandemic did make you figure out creative methods to do what you wanted to do,” said Trice. “It’s rewarding that we’ve been able to not only sustain, but make it through a pandemic, and make it through times where people are like, ‘You selling $65 sweatshirts?’”

The new brick-and-mortar space for Bedrock is just one of many milestones for the company. Since opening Bedrock four years ago, the family business has developed into more than just a retail venture. “We’ve had a lot of growth,” said Trice. “We had a table with a couple of racks at Everything Flint BIC. So now, to go from that to a smaller store to this store in less than 4 years, the growth feels good.”

The larger location will feature a vaster selection of clothes and a dressing room for customers.
Makai Conner, sales associate and son of co-owner Carlos Conner, is optimistic about this new space for the family business. “We are able to bring in more material, more crewnecks, more hoodies, and a bathroom so people can try on clothes. More spacious, more comfortable, more flavors. You couldn’t ask for anything better,” said Conner. 

By the end of the year, Trice hopes to have the Bedrock Apparel website launched. The website will provide convenience for online customers ordering Bedrock clothing and accessories. 

For now, he wants all of his customers to feel the true aura of a Flint homegrown company when you step into their two doors. With more space than the previous store, Trice wants this new space to not only be a place where people want to shop but where they can also have special events such as small speaking engagements.

“We want our customers to feel at home,” said Trice. “We’re all personable. We’re all talkative people. We want people to feel cozy while they shop.”

To find out more about Bedrock Apparel, follow them on Instagram and Facebook. And visit the new location at 130 E 2nd St #103, Flint, MI 48502
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