Flintside presents new monthly advice column: Ask Jordyn Anese

Editor’s Note: This monthly column was done in partnership with Jordyn Anese, radio personality at Z92.7 WDZZ and host of 'Off The Radio with Jordyn Anese' on Apple Podcasts. 

FLINT, Michigan — When you are a creative person, you have to use your gifts. There is no way around it — not just one or two of them either. It feels like there is a mandate in your life to use them all. Use them one by one, use them two by two, or all together, but by all means, use your gifts.

Hi, welcome to this conversation, I’m Jordyn Anese, a creative, supportive, and all-around dope woman from Flint. You may know me from my involvement in the community here, you may have heard me on the radio, or you could be a stranger, and in that case; nice to meet you!

I like talking, singing, writing, and using profanity to dress up conversations in my spare time. Most importantly, I'm into using my gifts. As a young girl, my grandmother nicknamed me “Ms. Daisy” taken from the film Driving Ms. Daisy because I had a lot to say like the main character. This nickname still exists for quite a few of my family members.

In middle school, my best friend and I loved writing so much that we wrote each other letters and we also started a notebook of poetry that we’d pass back and forth. It was like I'd see how amazing her words were and I'd go harder, and she would do the same. We were in the 7th grade writing our hearts out on that notebook paper like the rent was due! 

As an adult, I have created a safe space for people to come to me for advice through my life experience and resources. Over the years, I’ve helped people in both their personal and professional lives. I have a love for people and their processes so studying people through conversation and interaction has been my life's work — not to mention my own personal experience with heartbreak, relationships of all kinds, career, and now motherhood.

The amazing people at Flintside have allowed me to share advice with you, and I'm excited to have this opportunity to help people in a way that matters to me while having a good time doing so. In this space, we will explore all kinds of topics including dating and relationships, branding and marketing, parenting, and more. What I know, I will share.

The things I may not know, I will seek and cite my source for you. This will be space for honesty, integrity, confidentiality if you prefer it, and direction. Here, we will laugh, cry, and get informed together as we all grow.  

The first piece of advice I will give you is to keep an open mind. Keeping an open mind will allow you to challenge the things you decided were true, it will allow you to see the possibility of what's new. An open mind will give you the space to be the person you desire to be and I love that for you.

I look forward to lending you my suggestions to help you navigate situations in ways that allow you to sleep peacefully at night and move about your life with a sense of “I can do this” because you can. Let's talk. Have a question? I can be reached at [email protected].  

Talk soon.

For more on Jordyn Anese, visit: linktr.ee/JordynAnese and catch her live on the air at Z92.7 WDZZ on weekdays from 3-7 p.m.
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