Water crisis whistleblower writes 37-day devotional guidebook

FLINT, Michigan — Today, April Cook-Hawkins is focused on her journey. And yours. 

Cook-Hawkins became the focus of national attention after appearing in the Michael Moore film “Fahrenheit 11/9” and she remains a key witness in the ongoing investigation into the Flint Water Crisis. Now, she’s returning to her religious roots and mission to help others.

Less than a month ago, Cook-Hawkins released a devotional book called “The Process: Count the Small Wins.” Modeled after the advice her own mother and aunt always gave her as a child to read Psalm 37 for 37 days to deal with life’s biggest challenges, the book is intended to be a 37-day interactive journey through healing. 

“The message is never settle — no matter what you are going through. Count your small wins and keep going,” said Cook-Hawkins, first lady of Prince of Peace Missionary Baptist Church in Flint. “I am hoping the book not only inspire people but challenge them through thought-provoking questions to get the reader thinking about ways to make it personal for their own life.”

The book includes surprising, sometimes shocking details, about Cook-Hawkins’ own life, including watching her mother endure physical abuse and seeing her father murder of her brother. It includes one chapter with references to her role in the Flint Water Crisis — local officials have called her claims “absolutely false.” Because the ongoing investigation and her whistleblower case, Cook-Hawkins declined to talk about the specifics around those claims. 

“I wrote the book for many reasons, particularly because of regular-life situations. It is my hope that anyone who reads my book will be more empowered to take a stand for the betterment of their life despite the obstacles,” said Cook-Hawkins, who said she is being scheduled to appear on the “Today” show as part of her book promotion. 

The book is a quick-read designed to be a daily devotional. It includes chapters, “The Superhero Within,” “Living the Purpose for which You were Created,” and “The Joy of Mistakes.” It also focuses on self-care, including a chapter on meditation and multiple lessons on forgiving our own mistakes. 

“Count the Small Wins” is grounded in Biblical teaching including references to specific passages as well as inspirational quotes. 
For more information, visit www.aprilcookhawkins.com.

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