How GST Michigan Works! supports local trade talent

FLINT, Michigan—GST Michigan Works! trades programs are assisting job seekers in preparing for, finding and retaining gainful employment with their Apprentice Readiness Training and other training like ironworking, bricklaying, and more.


These programs have the ability to lead to more than a career change, it can lead to a life change as is the case for former participant, Anthony Strong.


“Michigan works offers practically everything you need. They have resume training, certifications programs, they’ll practically walk you to the door of the interview, you just have to go in there and sell yourself. I always recommend it to people,” says Strong.


Strong, who was born and raised in Flint, found himself in a dark place before deciding to participate in the Apprentice Readiness Training program in 2018.


“I did time in prison, and one of the things I learned is that when guys get out of prison, we have a small window of hope. If that window closes, then that will lead us back to doing what we did to get there in the first place. I’m grateful and thankful that I found Michigan Works! in that window,” says Strong, “Now I’m doing extremely well. I’ve been out of prison for three years and I made $48,000 last year. I’m in the union, I have pensions going on, I have rental houses, everything is going really well for me right now.”


GST Michigan Works! is a helping hand for anyone who makes the commitment to take part in its programs. Working not only with job seekers, but also employers to assure both parties obtain their perfect employment fit.


Currently recruiting for the Apprentice Readiness Training program, other opportunities include partnerships with the Ironworkers Local 25, the Laborers Local 1075, and the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 2 of Michigan.


“Construction trade unions offer young people and transitioning adults good middle-class careers with good wages and new skills attainment.” says apprenticeship success coordinator for GST Michigan Works!, Wanda Bigelow.


The Apprentice Readiness training program is the star of Michigan Works! program. As a seven-week training program designed to prepare participants to enter and succeed in registered apprenticeship programs in the US construction industry, it’s an all-inclusive career service program.


It begins by covering a wide range of topics from healthy living to financial independent strategies and ends with a plethora of certifications that include OSHA 30, Hazardous Waste Management and CPR training among others.


These opportunities are available to anyone who is interested in obtaining a career with construction trade unions.


The Ironworkers are seeking to fill 6-50 hour classes with 35 students in each class beginning March 23rd with The Laborers looking for 35 students for their four weeks class and The Bricklayers aiming to fill a six-week class with a yet undetermined number of participants.


For more information on GST Michigan Works! programs or to register, visit their website


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