Corona Creative Competition offers a $500 grand prize for top artistic video

FLINT, Michigan—The Corona Creative Competition by President and CEO of the Greater Flint Arts Council, Greg Fiedler, is an initiative to create community and promote creativity in the arts. Oh yeah, there are cash prizes too.


With only five entries as of Tuesday, April 7, there is no better time to share your artistic talents with your community and maybe even put some money in your pocket.


“Our sense of community is presently narrowed to our own homes. We want to constantly remind everyone that they are part of a larger community and we are all in this together,” said Fiedler.


To participate in the 5-week competition, those interested are asked to make a simple video showcasing their creativity during their quarantine. The content is entirely up to the artist, from singing to sculpting and everything in between.


“As we journey through yet another crisis, art, music, literature, drama, comedy, dance, crafts and design are activities that can lighten our burden, give us a sense of purpose and accomplishment and encourage us to share with others. We encourage everyone to find a way to be creative and share your creativity in this time of dire isolation,” said Fiedler

Videos must be less than two minutes long and uploaded to YouTube, where the number of views will determine the winner of the competition. Winning entries will be announced and showcased on Facebook,, and as well as receiving a $100 prize.


The first $100 prize for the weekly winner will be announced Friday, April 10.? There will be subsequent $100 prizes on April 17?, April 24,? and May 1.? There will also be a grand prize of $500 announced on May 1? for the video with the most views over the 5-week period.


The competition began on April 3, but there is no time limit on entries for the duration of the competition and everyone is encouraged to participate. Artists may submit a new video each week and are encouraged to post their YouTube video to the Greater Flint Arts Councils Facebook page.


For additional information visit the Corona Creative Competition or Greater Flint Arts Council Facebook page.



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