Bedrock Apparel gaining national attention while staying firmly rooted in Flint

FLINT, Michigan — Jason Trice is the epitome of a Flint native. Hardworking. Passionate. Determined. 

He is also the mastermind behind Bedrock Apparel, a casual clothing line that features high quality T-shirts and ultra-soft hoodies, much of it baring the signature Bedrock name. The idea for Bedrock Apparel came to Trice after years of working with big name athletes and then making his way back home to Flint. 

“When you’re from here and you’re in other places, and people know you’re from Flint, you get a certain amount of respect,” Trice says. “Because people know we’re pretty strong and resilient people.” 

Triced hosted the grand opening for the Bedrock storefront in the Capitol Theatre retail space Aug. 15, 2018 — just weeks ago — but it already has garnered the attention of celebrities near and far. Bedrock was even featured in nationwide “InStyle” magazine as the must-have comfy sweatshirt for actress Gabrielle Union of “Bring It On” fame and, more recently, bestselling author of the memoir “We’re Going to Need More Wine.”

When he first developed the idea for the Bedrock brand, Trice tested it by wearing one of his first creations (and still a staple of the brand): a sweatshirt with intricate, multi-colored lettering boldly spelling out Bedrock across the chest. 

Every day, people expressed their admiration for its unique design and familiar message: Anything strong and resilient must have a strong foundation as well. 

Trice wasn’t completely new to the world of fashion and entrepreneurship before Bedrock. Born and raised on Flint’s northside, he graduated from Flint Northern in 1993 and went on to Grand Valley State University where he played football. After college, he did a bit of teaching and coaching for GVSU and was inducted into the GVSU Athletic Hall of Fame last October. There, he ultimately discovered his interest in business and fashion while helping the athletic department develop its attire. 

From there, Trice headed to Miami where he worked with the elite — including “The King,” basketball superstar LeBron James. Flint and family called him back home and Trice’s creativity and Bedrock Apparel went into high gear. 

Before opening the downtown Flint storefront, Trice sold Bedrock wear at Everything Flint, located at 4526 Beecher Road. “Everything Flint is a really cool store because it gives small businesses a chance to get going,” says Trice. 

Instagram really served as Trice’s first storefront. There famous near and far — including former NBA player Jalen Rose, Mayor Karen Weaver, and lots of other familiar faces — proudly represent the brand and what it stands for.

“A brand built on moral integrity. The Contents of One’s Character Carried out in One’s Clothing. Stay Rock Solid,” the site proudly proclaims. 

Bedrock is about more than selling clothes. It’s about Flint. It’s about strong roots. It’s about surviving and thriving.

“That’s the type of people we are,” says Trice. “That’s what’s really important that people should know about us and Bedrock. It’s about being strong, having a strong foundation, and being able to go for it without fear of failure.”

Bedrock Apparel is located in the Capitol Theatre retail space along Harrison Street in downtown Flint. It is open 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. 

To learn more, follow @bedrockapparel on Instagram, or visit the company’s Facebook page.
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