Civic Park Art Parade brings community celebration to the streets

FLINT, Michigan—Flags dotted the air as the march wound from Civic Park Centennial Park down Milbourne Street to Forest Hill Avenue and from Forest Hill Avenue to Dayton Street. As the Nightfire Drumline and the marching crowd shuffled past, they left curious eyes, recording phones out of car windows, and porch spectators in their wake.

“This is kind of like a celebration,” said Sandra Branch, vice president of the Flint Public Art Project. “Everytime we come to Civic Park, everybody joins in, everybody has fun and this is multiple generations sharing what they know and just having fun. It’s what community is about.”

The Flint Public Art Project engaged Civic Park as their third site in a series of neighborhood art parades this year.  In conjunction with food festivities was a vendor fair featuring Elga Credit Union, United Way, Red Cross, Genesee Intermediate District, Odyssey House, and Consumer Energy at the Civic Park Centennial Park. 

Many of the marchers included youth from the Claressa Shields Community Project summer camp program. Plastic blow up swords, frisbees, footballs, markered flags, and back flips decorated the celebration long before and after the march. 

The art parade is made possible through a partnership with Walmart and Michigan State Police. 

“I thought it was going to be with bouncy houses and stuff, but it turned out to be even better,” said Oveeanna Montgomery, 9.

The final neighborhood art parade is set for 5 to 8 p.m. Aug. 29 at the Latinx Tech Center.


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