FLI-City Studios offers adult breakdancing classes to Flint residents who want to bust a move

FLINT, Michigan — This September, FLI-City Studios will host beginner “Breaking” (commonly referred to as breakdancing) classes for adults on Wednesday evenings. The studio has offered similar classes before, but now, there will be a class session reserved for adult beginners to have a safe place to fall in love with breaking.

“We understand that it can be difficult to drop the ego and take a class with young kids, so now we have expanded our offerings to make adult beginner breaking available,” said Jared Hurd, professional dancer and co-owner of FLI-City Studios.

Beginning September 13, the beginner-breaking classes will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at FLI-City Studios, located at 2321 Corunna Rd. Classes will be offered weekly for the cost of $55.00 per month, with opportunities for tuition assistance for Flint residents who require financial support to attend.

“That is what this beginner class is about, creating a jump-on point for adults of any age to try something new that is challenging and rewarding,” said Jared.

According to Jared, “It is a tenet of Hip-Hop that 'each one, teach one' and open session provides the perfect place for the community to do just that.” This is a core principle at FLI-City Studios that grounds the work they do both in the studio and outside of it.

Vertical Ambition Crew (past and present) at Lowriders Crew Battle in Southwest Detroit in May 2023.
Immediately after the Wednesday beginners class, Jared shared that the studio will host an open session with free floor time for students. This open floor time intentionally creates a safe space for any students who want to practice and hang out with other break dancers. 

“That is what this beginner class is about, creating a jump-on point for adults of any age to try something new that is challenging and rewarding,” said Jared. “FLI-City Studios has been a passion project since our humble beginnings renting a church common room to teach classes. Alisyn and I wanted to create a space where anyone who wanted to dance would be able to, regardless of financial circumstances, experience, or age.”

Both parents in their early forties, Jared and Alisyn understand how hard it can be to fit dancing into a busy schedule. Because of this, it was incredibly important that the studio appeal to everyday people like them. For the couple, this meant creating more opportunities in Flint for adults to engage in dance and embrace the rich culture that comes with it.
Alisyn Hurd, co-owner of FLI-City Studios, at the Lowriders Crew Battle in Southwest Detroit in May 2023.
Located near Downtown Flint, behind one of the Flint Art Project’s murals, the Hip-Hop community hub offers modern dance, ballet, jazz, Hip-Hop, and breaking classes.

The studio also offers unique classes specializing in leaps, turns, break-dancing power moves, and traditional popping. Among these classes, FLI-City also offers tumbling and free running that provide students of various levels a safe environment to grow. 

“Looking confident and strong in your movement takes time, but just like traveling a great distance, we take it one step at a time to reach those goals.”

Although Hip-Hop culture is the essence of the business, Jared and Alisyn understand the power of authentic connection to the community, both through dance and service.  

FLI-City Studios plans to host its annual Halloween Breaking battle and costume battle on Wednesday, October 25 at 7:30 p.m. The free event aims to bring the community together whether residents participate or come out to enjoy the battle. Winners will receive prizes.

“Our Annual Holiday Showcase benefitting Whaley Children's Center will be in December and more details will be announced soon,” shared Jared. Residents interested in supporting the studio’s efforts to eliminate any existing barriers to dance are welcome to donate clean, lightly used dancewear and shoes for all sizes.

“We have seen firsthand how art changes lives. We want to remove as many barriers as we can to help new students find freedom in the style. Breaking will be in the Olympics next year. It is finding new life in a new time and we are proud to be a part of that movement right here in Flint.”

Community members can keep up with FLI-City Studios by following the studio on Instagram and Facebook.
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