DJ Say Less turns the tables with Christian music at the forefront

FLINT, Michigan — DJ Say Less is innovating the world of deejaying in Flint, and he's stopped trying to explain what the people around him didn’t try to understand which became the inception of his name. He tactfully expresses all that he has been wanting to say through curated music. When he is in the booth, he is at peace because people can finally hear him.

DJ Say Less used to coordinate parties in the area, and through an intense demand of that industry, he discovered a love for deejaying. Over time, he taught himself how to mix music and studied to perfect his craft.

One day, he asked himself if what he was doing was pleasing God as he had a Christian background, but was playing secular music and a big part of the club scene.

For him, it came down to giving up the lifestyle he grew so accustomed to, to please God or scratch and spin records under a dark cloud of guilt. He chose to make a change and became a Christian DJ.

At the time, he felt that people weren’t as receptive to Christian DJs so he decided to move to Dallas, TX where there was more of a demand for them. Many Flint natives move out of state to pursue their dreams because opportunities can seem scarce, and some return to create opportunities so people would no longer have to feel that way.

Since returning to his hometown of Flint, he has been able to sustain himself as a full-time DJ through bookings for gospel concerts, churches, and company mixers. He is proving that thrill seekers can still have a good time under the melodic enchantment of his curated mixes. DJ Say Less is courageously making his mark within the spectrum where he and others like him reside to open minds and create more inclusive spaces.

DJ Say Less.
“I believe the greatest bible story was Jesus dying for us,” he says as he speaks about his recent change of heart. The bearing of His cross, being nailed to it, the sacrifice touched him deeply. He feels if Jesus can make a sacrifice for him then he can do the same thing, too.

Reflecting on the conditions he experienced as a child, he realized how he had to bear his own cross and used those conditions to improve his quality of life by adapting the best way he could. “Phones, internet, cable. That was a luxury when I was a kid,” says DJ Say Less. “My hand was crap when it was dealt. No water, no lights. Pretty much, if you looked at it [childhood home], it was an abandoned house. That’s where we were living.”

Sports was an exit plan and a mental getaway from the harsh living conditions he endured. At an early age he discovered that, though people don’t understand him, he was a gifted influencer and had a message to tell. His attention to detail, faith in God, and mentality made him a winner when he stepped into the booth.

He had to choose between making money or following his gut. It didn’t take long for him to notice that following your heart can be more lucrative. This career shift has caused him to turn down a lot of gigs that required his old pathway. “I had to ask myself 'Am I about the money or am I about staying true to myself?'”

He put his faith in God and remained committed to the reinvention of his brand and career. “I deleted all the music from my hard drive [as a ritual of elimination and completion].” In his stillness, he spends time making different playlists, researching the area, developing marketing structures, and mixing. 

He also has a motivational series 'Monday Night Therapy' on his Facebook page and is seeking partnerships with entertainment management, churches, educators, and organizations.

For more information on DJ Say Less, visit his Facebook and Instagram pages, and contact him by phone at: (810) 610-5951. Also, stay tuned for the debut of his latest creation 'OnlyHits,' a Tiny Desk-esque platform for gospel artists to receive recognition and promote their brand/projects.
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