When Comfē meets luxury, a new era of fashion is born

FLINT, Michigan — Growing up in the city of Flint, Creative Director of Comfē clothing line Calvin Randolph has been drawn to fashion and using his hands to create since he was a young boy. At the age of eight, with the loving support from his mother, he found himself inspired and created his very first clothing line. Decades later, that drive and passion that was sparked at such a young age live on through the comfort-driven luxury brand, Comfē.

When speaking on the Comfē brand and what we can expect to see during the upcoming official launch in Spring, the authenticity, ambition, and wisdom behind Randolph’s words resonate deeply. During our interview, it was made clear to me that this is more than just another clothing line. This is a dedicated team’s hard work stitched and crafted into the very fabric of the unique individuality that is Comfē.

"Creativity doesn’t have an age limit. When you have a desire for something, do it." - Calvin Randolph

Flintside: First, I’d like to say thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to speak with me. Can you tell us a bit about the inception of Comfē, how it came to be, and what your team’s vision is for the clothing line?

Calvin Randolph: "When creating the foundation of Comfē, it was a well-thought-out process that took time to establish. This brand has been a work in progress for several years, and finally, post-pandemic, I wanted to make this brand one that is accepting of different taste pallets of style. The Comfē team came to the conclusion that being unique does not need to include flashy, complicated pieces of fabric, but a simple arrangement of color that can be effortlessly worn without the concern of matching colors from top to bottom.

Our vision is to create a unique and diverse brand that has its own identity but comes first to mind when relaying your thoughts on the feeling of luxury and comfort. We just wanted to be comfortable being who we are in the midst of our changing society. It was through this epiphany that Comfē was born."

Flintside: What inspired you to become the Creative Director of a clothing line and what would you say is the overall message behind Comfē clothing?

Calvin Randolph: "I have always had a desire to create and to focus only on being creative. When I was 8-years old, my mother helped me establish my first clothing line. It was modest yet so important and inspiring to me. This made me realize that I love to create things and bring joy to clients who love what I make for them. With Comfē, I wanted to make that happen again. Therefore, being a Creative Director is a perfect role for someone like myself. I would say this ideal also fits into the overall message for Comfē; being who you are and focusing on doing what you were made to do without distraction."
Comfe model.
Flintside: For those that may be interested in getting their feet in the doors of the fashion industry, what are your day-to-day duties as the Creative Director? 

Calvin Randolph: "It is important to have a great team of people who understand the vision and are constructive to the process. You may be surprised by the level of love and support you receive from your audience. The number of people you can inspire on a regular basis can also add to this. You will also meet people who just want to sift your ideas from under your feet and call it "inspiration." This part should not be surprising but comes as a price of exposing your brand to the world. As Creative Director, my duties aren’t limited or set in stone, they are subject to change every day as the brand evolves.

Typically, my day can include an extensive amount of research based on what is needed for a project. Each piece of fiber and stitch is carefully selected to maintain the integrity and vision of the brand. And since being unique is a mantra of most fashion brands, I like to make sure I am not unknowingly using an idea similar to what someone else has already created. Therefore, I also spend a lot of time articulating our style with consideration of the masterpieces created before mine."

Flintside: I noticed from Comfē’s social media accounts that an emphasis has been put on comfort and luxury. Why were comfort and luxury chosen to express the style of this clothing line in particular?

Calvin Randolph: "We chose to base the brand on comfort and luxury due to the fact that we as a people love to be comfortable. Our brand is no ordinary brand. When we design high quality and good material, that gives a group of people that would normally not have the option to high-end fashion, the opportunity to experience quality materials. That is why we work so strong and diligently when creating the type of products that we do. It's about craftsmanship and functional design. The overall message behind the clothing is to not only bring luxury into the look of the design but also in the feel of the clothing when wearing it. During the launch this Spring, you can most definitely expect to see the unique blend between “comfort” and “luxury” embedded within our products."

A model cozies up in a light pink and purple hooded sweatshirt exclusively from Comfe.

Flintside: In the collection of what’s been previewed thus far, there are unisex sweatshirts and hoodie apparel. How important is it in the fashion industry to deliver exceptional quality to your customers when building a brand?

Calvin Randolph: "Not just in the fashion industry, but overall, the quality of materials I would say is of the utmost importance in deliverance to your customers, especially when building a brand. Quality, aside from the look of your product, is what your customers are going to base their return on. When building your brand, particularly if this is your first brand, quality, in my opinion, should be the number one factor when creating a product."
Comfe model.
Flintside: Who are some of the inspirations behind Comfē?

Calvin Randolph: "My inspirations overall are not based on fashion brands, but on artists who were carefree and didn't let trends, such as statistics or popularity, get in the way of their designs. Artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Vincent van Gogh are who I get my inspiration from. When I design, the fabric becomes my canvas, while the threads become my ink."

Flintside: What advice would you give to someone interested in jump-starting their own clothing line who may not know where to get started?

Calvin Randolph: "Creativity doesn’t have an age limit. When you have a desire for something, do it. Do the research, get into the books, and get a mentor or someone you trust for guidance. Science and physics are your best friends. Learn theories, master the content, maintain your passion, and most importantly, establish a team to help you make your dreams come true."

Flintside: Where would you like to see Comfē elevate to in the future? And what are some of your personal goals for the brand? 

Calvin Randolph: "As far as the evolution of Comfē, I would like to see it evolve into the number one comfort and luxury brand in the world. We would like to be number one in consumers' choice, win countless awards for our designs and be able to maintain respect from customers around the globe. Personally, my goals for the brand are very simple; I want to continue to grow, learn more techniques to enhance our products, and get more involved with our hands-on production team while staying true to our brand and the movement we are bringing forth in the fashion industry."

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