Lottie Ferguson is ready for new role at the Community Foundation of Greater Flint

FLINT, Michigan — On Wednesday, June 14, Lottie Ferguson was announced as the new Vice President of Development and Donor Services at the Community Foundation of Greater Flint (CFGF). The organization is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity created by the people of Genesee County, for the people of Greater Flint. 

Ferguson was previously the Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Flint, under Mayor Sheldon Neeley. She also brings grant writing, fund development, and leadership experience to her role where she will be responsible for building the community’s endowment and connecting donors with community needs.

“During Lottie’s career in Flint, she has provided graceful guidance under some challenging circumstances,” says Isaiah M. Oliver, CFGF President and CEO. “She is skilled in overseeing a wide variety of operational, staff development, and fiscal responsibilities, all rooted in integrity. Her expertise in strategic planning, project management, and customer service will be a great asset to growing the community’s endowment.”

Flintside had the opportunity to speak to Ferguson about her new role, and the important philanthropic work she hopes to further within the Flint community.

Flintside: Congrats on your new role as Vice President of Development and Donor Services at the Community Foundation of Greater Flint. What experience and background do you bring to this position?

L. Ferguson: "My entire career has been working with and for Genesee County residents. All of my past work will come with me, including information technology, fund development, capital campaigns, children/family services, nonprofit and small business support, resident assistance, climate change and resilience, and grants management."

Flintside: What is the vision of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint?

L. Ferguson: "Our vision is for a vibrant and equitable Genesee County where everyone can thrive."

Flintside: What sorts of initiatives does your role focus on?

L. Ferguson: "This role focuses on the development of resources and relationships necessary to ensure the work of CFGF continues into perpetuity. I am fortunate to lead a team of experienced development professionals who serve local residents with charitable interests. Our role supports the Community Foundation’s mission of connecting generosity to Genesee County needs."

Flintside: Within your role, are there any particular projects you’re excited to work on?

L. Ferguson: "For years, I have worked on an initiative that supports children and families from prenatal experiences to post-secondary education. Partnering with the new Flint Center for Educational Excellence will keep me involved in conversations on early childhood education and out-of-school time programming. In several capacities, I’ve been a part of Flint Promise almost since [its] inception. I am thrilled to continue raising dollars for this important and impactful program, in a way that will ensure sustainability for future students. And I hope to lift conversations on climate resilience and sustainability as communities like ours are the most susceptible to the negative effects."

Flintside: How do you describe the special character of the Greater Flint community?

L. Ferguson: "The greater Flint community is like no other. We have taken adversity and turned it into advantages through our ability to be resourceful in creative and innovative ways. Our grit is undeniable, our people are genuine, and we all share similar goals of wanting and deserving the best for ourselves and future generations." 

Flintside: What are some benchmarks goals or milestones you’d like to accomplish or reach within your role that can positively impact the Flint community?

L. Ferguson: "I am very interested in finding ways to increase the number of philanthropists in communities of color. So often, it is believed that donating large sums of money is the only way to join the world of philanthropy, and that just isn’t true. We can all be philanthropists at levels that work for our families and have the sense of pride that comes with being an active, positive contributor to our community. This sense of pride and ownership is what will have a lasting, positive impact in the Flint community."

Flintside: Anything else you’d like to add?

L. Ferguson: "There have been many congratulatory messages sent my way since it was announced that I would be assuming this role. I want to express my deepest gratitude for all of the applause and encouragement. It has been overwhelming to even begin to understand the importance of this organization to the Greater Flint community, all I hope to bring to the role, and what that means for our collective future. I am beyond excited to be here."

To learn more about the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, visit: cfgf.org
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