Wine plus paint: A palette pleasing party business blooms in Flint

FLINT, Michigan—It all started simply enough: Why should we have to travel to have a little fun?

Add in some encouragement and support from family and friends, and Paint, Chalices, & Hues came vibrantly to life and Tamika Hicks became a part-time business owner. 

By day, Hicks works in finance at Hurley Medical Center. Evenings and weekends, you can find her letting her (and her clients’) creativity burst as the host of private painting parties and pop-up events throughout the community.

Like other painting party businesses you’ve seen, Paints, Chalices & Hues brings a group together for a fun relaxed party with each guest creating a picture they take home with them. It’s a relaxed atmosphere (and you can bring wine, if you wish) in which guests are walked through how to create a painting of the group’s choice. 

BUT … Hicks does her parties a bit differently. 

While each painting features the same subject matter, each artist is encouraged to add their own unique touch, experimenting with different colors and textures, so that every party guest goes home with their own unique painting. 

“We do teach you step by step, but it’s in a fun way,” said Hicks. “So, while we’re showing them how to create this picture. … We also just let people realize that it’s a free atmosphere to have fun.”

A recent party at St. Paul Lutheran School (there doesn’t have to be wine) illustrates Hicks’ approach. The class was filled with young and not-so-young artists, each of whom painted an owl—but each painting was perfectly unique with pink, blue, and brown feathers, sometimes flat, sometimes poofy.
Hicks also hosts painting parties at the Greater Flint Arts Council and has had pop-up parties at Cork on Saginaw, the Flint Farmer’s Market, and LUXE Lounge. Hicks also works out of Buckham Gallery and the Paterson Building. 

“It's a passionate, small business built to bring joy and positivity to all that take part,” said Keonte Hicks, Tamika’s son. “Flint isn't known much for its artistic side getting much attention, and this helps shine that light. It's a place to bring your friends and create your own positive experience and relax as you create an image to share your taste and story.” 

The whole family now is involved with the growing business. Paints, Chalices & Hues participated in the Buckham Alley Fest last year and is looking to start participating in the Flint Art Walk.

Hicks also is looking to hire more artists to accommodate the business growth and allow them to do more pop-up parties. 

“This is something else to do in Flint. Something that’s good. Something that’s fun. Something that’s local. Something that is another business that’s different,” said Hicks.

Parties can be booked for groups of about 10 or more. Cost is $35 per person. Parties include light snacks and last about two and a half hours. Hosts are welcome to bring additional food and beverages of their choice. All painting supplies are provided.
To find out more about Paints, Chalices & Hues, check out their Facebook page.

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