Inside the pages of Flints oldest (and only) literary and arts magazine

It is Flint’s oldest—well, really, it’s only—literary and fine arts magazine. 
Qua, a publication of the University of Michigan-Flint, is a destination for writers and artists, designers and editors. Now in its 50th year, Qua maintains a tradition of authentic expression and opportunity for students (and non-students) to become a published artist. 
“We are the only Literary and Fine Arts magazine in Flint,” says says Nic Custer, adviser for Qua. “You can write poetry, short stories, draw, paint, be a layout doesn’t matter. This magazine is here to give these people a shot at publication and to show the reader the current direction of the local arts community.”
Qua is bound as a fine paperback with a blossoming color scheme. Qua publishes in the winter and fall and receives dozens, if not hundreds, of submissions for each edition, says Custer, who has served as adviser for two semesters.
“We encompass everything and anything you could imagine,” he says.
Cody Hatfield-Myers is a UM-Flint student and has contributed two pieces, “Shift” and “Devotion;”  both were published in the Fall 2015 issue. He is one of many who feel a sense of pride and solidarity in being part of such a staple in the Flint arts community.
“It as good as it gets in Flint,” he says. “It's something extra for the writing and arts scene downtown. It shows some type of presence which is exciting and important.”
Each and every edition of Qua culminates with a release party where creative minds to meet, cultivate and share ideas, and share their works. Typically hosted by Buckham Gallery, the next Qua release is expected in November or December.
Qua is currently open to submissions for its Fall 2017 issue. The categories are: art, poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, and “something else entirely.” The deadline is Oct. 3.
Although the magazine is through UM-Flint, community submissions are accepted: “We don’t want to become an island,” says Custer.
For more information on Qua or to make a submission, check it’s website.
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