Like, totally rad 80s retro party motoring into Flint

FLINT, Michigan—Travel back in time to the decade that defined music, style, and outrageously big hair.

And, check out a DeLorean while you’re at it. 

A new one-day music festival is coming to Flint this year and it honors everything that is the 80s. Called 80s in the Hole—because of its close proximity to the the historic Chevy in the Hole property—it will feature about 80 collectable cars, live music, half-dozen food trucks, beer and wine. 

Admission is $5 with proceeds going to the Flint River Watershed Coalition, an organization dedicated to improving the recreational opportunity, beauty, and health of the Flint River. The festival is from 4 until 11 p.m. Saturday, June 24, 2017, on the grass next to Atwood Stadium overlooking the river.

The celebration of the 1980s started simply enough when Dr. Bobby Mukkamala was talking with a friend and fellow car collector about creating an event to showcase 80s cars—and from there it grew to a full festival. 

But, why the 80s? 

“That’s when I started to pay attention to music, so naturally the music that brings back memories for me, pleasurable memories,” Mukkamala said. “In the 90s I was busy in school, in med school and residency. In the 2000s I moved back into town and was busy with career stuff, so I don’t tend to listen to the radio much anymore for new stuff. 

“My life was most leisurely in the 80s, so 80’s music brings back that sentiment.” 

Plus, the 80s just naturally bring people together of all ages—at least those who enjoy synthesizer sound, hairspray, neon, and lace.

“The 80s for me was a time of being carefree,” said Kathleen Gazall, a member of the organizing committee. “When I hear the Thompson Twins or Duran Duran and all of that, it just brings back those years.”

80s in the Hole is being hosted in cooperation with Kettering University. For more information on, check out the group’s Facebook event. Those interested in participating in the car show can email

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