9 special reasons this is our favorite Crim race

FLINT, MIchigan—The Crim Festival of Races is, in a word, inspirational.

The streets of Flint are filled with runners from all over. Some are elite runners, experts for whom the grueling 10-miles is just a jog. Some are people who have changed their lives, who after months of training have become runners and gone further than they ever before believed they could. 

The Crim Festival of Races prides itself on having a race for everyone. There is the legendary 10 mile (which one should never, ever mistakenly refer to as a 10K) and there is also the 8K, 5K, Michigan Mile and even the Teddy Bear Trot for the littles. 

Although sometimes overlooked, there is one more race. It's actually the race that inspired it all and remains a race that truly embodies the spirit of the races. It is the very first race that every year officially kicks off the Crim Festival of Races weekend. Here is where you will find the strongest finishes, the best heart moving moments, the most dedicated fans, and the truest celebration of health, well-being and community. 

This is the Lois Craig Invitational Michigan Special Olympics Race, where wave after wave of runners bring pure joy to the Saginaw Street bricks. Here's a look at the reasons we love the Lois Craig Invitational Michigan Special Olympics races, as captured by Flintside photographer Mike Naddeo.

9. It's a community celebration

8. Seeing the friendships.

7. The sense accomplishment.

6. The joy. So much joy.

5. Families supporting each other.

4. Cute and determined.

3. Showcasing athleticism.

2. Smiles all around.

1. Yes. Everything.

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